Luis Miguel Vegas, general director of Proarándanos:

"In three years we will be talking about 500 thousand tons"

"The Peruvian blueberry reaches more and more countries in the world and this is also a reason to feel proud"

The exponential growth of the Peruvian blueberry industry may slow down at some point, but it seems almost impossible for the production and export of Peruvian blueberries to stop increasing in the immediate future, on the contrary, the general director of Proarándanos, Luis Miguel Vegas, made it very clear that the Peruvian industry will continue to grow steadily.

In the context of XXIV International Blueberry Consulting Seminar, which takes place at the Lima Convention Center, the prominent leader gave a detailed account of the state of the Peruvian industry, in its production levels, which will reach 300 tons, of which 287.000 tons correspond to exported fresh blueberries; in its planted area, which exceeds 18.000 hectares; in its economic returns, which reached USD 1.400 million; and in its growth projection, set at 340 to 360 thousand tons for the 2023/2024 campaign, of which around 15% will correspond to organic blueberries.

King of exports

The young leader of the Peruvian industry proudly showed the official data that shows that the blueberry has become the main product in the agricultural export basket of Peru, leading a list in which it has surpassed grapes, coffee, avocados, mango and other products that have historically led the country's exports, which is why in his presentation he crowned him as the king of Peruvian exports.

"Peruvian blueberries are reaching more and more countries in the world and this is also a reason to feel proud," he declares, listing each of the countries in which the market for Peruvian fruit has diversified.

Peruvian production, which only a few years ago was based mainly on the Biloxi variety, has not only experienced extraordinary growth, already known to all, but (and most importantly) its quality standards have risen considerably, delivering to the world market each time a better fruit, with good flavor and aroma, of a greater caliber and above all, in very good condition when it reaches the final consumer.

500 thousand tons

These best qualities of the Peruvian fruit have been achieved due to the rapid varietal change that the Peruvian industry began very early, which is why it can currently offer the world an extraordinary and highly competitive fruit because it is produced with improved varieties, which ensure a production of fruit of excellent quality.

In the fields of the Peruvian industry there are currently around seventy different varieties of the blueberry species, which allows them not only to maintain a supply of better quality fruit, but they are also much more productive, so the growth of industry volumes will continue to grow due to these high yields.

Within this framework, the executive of Proarándanos stated in the final round of questions, after the first block of the Seminar held in Lima:

"If we meet in three years, we will surely be talking about 500 tons," clearing up the question for many members of the industry, who wonder if blueberries will continue to grow in Peru.

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