Spain: Expectations increase for the International Seminar of Blueberries in Seville

Very few agrofrutícolas meetings in the world can generate as much expectation as the one that is showing the one of the industry of the blueberry in Spain, that will realize the next 27 of June in the Hotel Meliá of Seville.

The experiences of the participants coming from different regions are so diverse and it is both the accumulated knowledge that is shared, as well as the new technologies discovered, that it is very difficult to subtract from attending this event that ensures to become a true world meeting of the industry. .

The rapporteurs and researchers who will present on the occasion are part of a small group of professionals who permanently and consistently are dedicated to increasing knowledge in the various aspects of the crop, compared to the multiple scenarios in which it is currently developing, both from the geographical point of view as climate. Also covering the genetic and varietal aspect of the crop, and analyzing in its wake the reality of the markets and the commercial aspect.

It will be a meeting where the main actors of productive processes and management from very different realities can exchange experiences. Each one with its importance and history. From the gigantic infrastructure of the US market and the handling in conditions of low cold demand, to the abundant knowledge accumulated by the Chilean industry, one of the oldest and leading the blueberry exports in the world.

To this is added the assistance of producers and exporters from the successful Peruvian industry, which with its vertiginous growth threatens to become the world's leading exporter of the fruit. The members of the Mexican industry will also converge at the meeting, who have had to combine their growth with the new reality of the US markets.

If we add to this the assistance of the actors of the North African industry, especially of Morocco, and the great assistance of the producers, technicians, exporters and experts of the Spanish blueberry industry, the meeting will be a true global appointment of the crop, which will allow it to be addressed in its different aspects, both technical and scientific, or management and commercial.

The appointment will be this June 27 at the Hotel Meliá in Seville and the inscriptions in: Spain 2019 seminar


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