Spain: Freshuelva joins the demonstration on March 4 to demand the hydraulic infrastructures that the province needs

Freshuelva will join the demonstration that the 'And Huelva When' platform has convened on March 4 to claim the infrastructures that are necessary for the social and economic development of the province of Huelva.

The association of producers and exporters of red fruits of the province of Huelva has shared the vindictive spirit of this conference called by different business, economic, neighborhood, educational groups and representatives of various associations throughout the province, who seek that Huelva society raise the voice in the face of the repeated breaches and delays in the execution of infrastructures of vital importance for the province.

In this sense, Freshuelva has lamented the deficit in hydraulic infrastructure suffered by the province of Huelva in recent decades and that cause a province "which is rich in water to have supply problems, because it has an obsolete infrastructure such as the Tunnel of San Silvestre, or there is an area with irrigation problems, such as the Condado de Huelva”.

At this point, he recalled that the irrigators of this region expect the works to be carried out to complete the transfer of the 19,99 cubic hectometers from the Tinto-Odiel-Piedras hydrographic demarcation to that of the Guadalquivir and Huelva County, approved in 2018 and which means protecting the agricultural sector of the province and the Doñana National Park.

Freshuelva added that the completion of the Alcolea Dam and the consequent Canal de Trigueros is essential for this transfer, while adding that the province "cannot wait any longer for the unfolding of the San Silvestre tunnel, which guarantees the supply of water not only for agriculture and industry, but for vital human consumption”.

In the same way, it has considered that the demonstration on March 4 will also serve to support the request of the Port of Huelva to be considered as a border of the Schengen area and that connections can be opened with countries outside the European Union, which would enable the diversification of the current markets for berries to areas such as America, Asia or the United Kingdom itself.

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