Spain: Ultimate protocols for berries to reach India

Freshuelva works on the procedures to export these fruits to this Asian country. They hope they are finished in these first months of 2020

The Huelva Association of Strawberry Producers and Exporters of Huelva, Freshuelva, continues to work in the opening of new markets for the berries of Huelva beyond European countries and continue to look at the Asian market. After China, pending the signing of a blueberry export protocol, the next objective is India. Already in October 2018 they asked the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food for their collaboration to explore new markets for berries in countries like India and on several occasions they have sought the support of the MAP to accelerate the signing of the protocol with China.

Currently, Freshuelva is preparing all the necessary documentation for the beginning of the negotiation of export protocols and agreements with India before the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, as confirmed to the Freshuelva manager Rafael Domínguez.

"We're collecting all the data and all the information that is needed to start the file for the signing of protocols for export to India for all berries«, Says Dominguez, who explains that this was revealed in a meeting held last December with officials from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, who showed their support for the sector to initiate these procedures.

«We know that these procedures are very slow, as well as complicated with a large amount of documentation that must be provided but the possibilities of the Indian market are very important, as has already been revealed in the last Congress of Red Fruits that has been held in Huelva », underlines Domínguez, who hopes to have the necessary documentation in the first months of this 2020.

Regarding protocol for exporting blueberries to China pending the bureaucratic procedures of the Asian giant, Dominguez points out that as they have been transferred from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism to Freshuelva, there are other fruits such as cherry whose file was started before the blueberry and the Government must respect the order of requests in addition to other technical criteria before the requirement of China to negotiate the protocols one by one, although it emphasizes that “finally The last decision will depend on the Chinese government that can prioritize the importation of one or another product according to your needs ».

Although exports to Asian countries are around 6% of production, Freshuelva's goal is to consolidate and seek commercialization lines and open new markets in the Asian area and in the countries of the Middle East.