Peruvian asparagus and blueberries would be exported fresh to the US

This came out of the meeting held by the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation (Minagri), Juan Manuel Benites, and the head of the National Service of Agrarian Health of Peru (Senasa), Jorge Barrenechea, with the Sub Secretary of Agriculture of that country, Edward Avalos. The meeting ends the regulatory part for shipments of both Peruvian products, considered the final phase of this process of access to the United States.

In the case of the Peruvian export of asparagus, it would work hand in hand with the US agency Aphis (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) to implement risk mitigation systems, with the objective of eliminating the fumigation on this product. Once ready, the proposal would be reviewed by Senasa.

Meanwhile, for blueberries an agreement will be drawn up that allows fumigation at source and allows the completion of cold treatment at the destination. In addition, in areas of low prevalence of the fruit fly, a mitigation strategy would be developed in order to recognize them in the future as free zones of this pest.

Also, a blueberry fumigation pilot plan will be developed, with the presence of American inspectors, in coordination with private industry, in order to allow cargo to enter anywhere in the United States without major restrictions.



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