Market Status - 10 Week, 2016

Comments Week 10 - 2016 

Blueberry: HS's blueberry season is ending, as the HN season begins. Shipments from Chile to different markets continue to decline, while market behavior varies: in China there was a slight positive price adjustment during the 10 week, while in the US Prices tended to stabilize compared to the previous week. In Europe, prices continue to fall, depending strongly on the quality and condition of the fruit.

Table grapes: In China, Australian seedless grapes continue to get better prices than those of other origins, followed by Chilean black seedless, while in the case of Red Globe, Peruvian and Chilean fruit obtained similar prices. In Europe, the growing supply of seedless white grapes has led to a slight drop in prices to maintain sales activity, while the market for seedless red grapes and Red Globe has remained relatively stable. In the US, condition problems continue to limit the market for seedless grapes in general, although good prices are maintained for fruit without problem, which remains low; In the case of Red Globe, the market remains robust, with consistent quality and condition.

Nectarines and peaches: In Mexico, the market for Chilean peaches and nectarines was stable in relation to the previous week. In Europe, a stable scenario was maintained for peaches, not so for nectarines, whose prices again declined. In usa the high offer continues to generate pressure on sales, despite which, prices remain higher than last season.

Plums: Demand for plums in Europe looks somewhat weak this week and condition problems are observed in the fruit of the Southern Hemisphere. In the US, the slow movement of older fruit continues to push sales and reduce sales prices, taking them to levels below last season.

Apples: Stocks of apples in the US, at March 1, are 22% lower than a year earlier, focusing on medium to small fruit. In Europe, the local supply is abundant and its commercialization is strongly linked to the region of origin, variety caliber, etc., while the imports of the Southern Hemisphere, to date, are lower than the previous season.

Pears: In Europe, the market for pear remains relatively stable, with moderate demand and without major quality and condition problems.

Below you will find tables that detail the status of supply, demand and price for blueberries, table grapes, nectarines and peaches, pear, apple and plum.








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