Market Status - 4 Week, 2018

Avocado: Good movement of avocados in the American market prior to the 4 Super Bowl in February. Prices with some minor adjustments due to high volumes from Mexico. Chilean avocado shipments remain very limited.decofrut-logo

Cranberries: Decrease in the supply of Peruvian blueberries in China, allowed a better rotation for the Chilean fruit and increases in the prices. In Taiwan, prices tended to fall due to lower demand.

Table grapes: Strong drop in prices of Flame Seedless, mainly Chilean, due to the high shipments of the last weeks and quality / unequal condition of the fruit.

Cherries: The supply of Chilean cherries in China continues high and with prices tending to fall. Some importers have sought other marketing channels (online commerce, supermarkets or specialized stores) in order to give more movement to the stock.

Stone fruit: The Chilean supply slowly increases, while demand remains limited. Prices continued to register negative adjustments, but remained above those of the previous season for the fruit of South Africa and similar to that of Chile.

Below you can find tables that detail the status of supply, demand and price for avocados, blueberries, table grapes, cherries and pits.

: Alza
: Stable
: Low

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