Market Status - 42 Week, 2016

Avocados: In China, the quality of the Mexican Hass avocado makes it stand out from that of other origins, while heterogeneous quality is reported in the Chilean avocado arrivals. In Europe, medium to large size fruit has a good sales rhythm, while the greater availability of small fruit generates pressure on sales and prices. In the US, a normalization of the Mexican avocado supply is expected in the coming weeks.

Cranberries: In China, blueberry sales are rather slow, regardless of their origin, highlighting the quality of the Chilean fruit. In Europe and the US, there is an increasing availability of blueberries from South America.

Kiwi: In Mexico, the limited supply of Chilean kiwifruit and its good quality keep sales fast and with prices that are adjusted upward.

Tangerines / Clementines: In the US, the southern hemisphere mandarin season is practically over, while supplies of early mandarins from Florida and Mexico increase.

Below you can find tables that detail the status of supply, demand and price for citrus fruits, kiwis, blueberries and avocados.

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