They estimate a 13% contraction in exports of fresh Chilean blueberries for the 2023-2024 season

El Blueberry Committee en Chile Fruits, together with iQonsulting, revised their export estimates for the 2023-2024 season, reaching the number of 76.500 tons of fresh blueberries. The new figure would reflect a decrease of 13% compared to what was transported from Chile abroad last season.

Andrés Armstrong, executive director of the Blueberry Committee, indicated that “this reestimation takes into consideration the effect of the rains at the beginning of November, as well as other associated weather events such as frost and hail. In addition, this second estimate also includes the impact of the rains on November 9,10, 11 and XNUMX."

Regarding the dynamics of outputs, Armstrong pointed out that both weekly exports and the state of phenological progress of the country's main varieties are within the parameters of other seasons.

A pattern similar to the average of recent seasons is shown, which would generate a first volume peak, of more than 5 thousand tons, in week 49. Meanwhile, the period of highest volumes, with up to 8 thousand tons per week, It would be between weeks 51-2023 and 03-2024″, observed the executive director.

The professional reported that, to date, exports of fresh blueberries show a growth of 18% compared to last season, "where the incursion of new varieties and strong exclusion of non-recommended varieties (group 3) mark our offer this campaign ”.

“Air shipments have dominated exports to date with 1.422 tons and a growth of 170% compared to the same period last season. While maritime shipments begin to increase little by little, as the volume of fruit also increases, adding to date 495 tons, which is 56% less than what was shipped by this route in the same period of the previous season," he concluded. .

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