Former minister Antonio Walker will start the cherry meeting on April 13

Clearly, cherries are identified as one of the fruits with the highest growth and projection within the Chilean fruit supply, also attracting a lot of interest from producers from other countries in the region.

The Chilean cherry season ends with an export of approximately 400.000 tons, thus exceeding what was achieved in the two previous years and maintaining China as its main destination, with shipments totaling 350.000 tons, which implies multiple challenges to maintain the quality of the fruit to the final consumer in such a distant destination, although this season a greater diversification of the markets was achieved.

This year Chile set out to advance in the North American market, to which it sent 50% more than in 2021/22 and three times more than in 2020/21, ensures a TopINFO report and affirms that more shipments were made to other countries in the Far East, such as Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, India and Vietnam.

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The area planted with cherry trees in the south-central zone of Chile has grown exponentially, exceeding 60 hectares and approaching 18% of the total area of ​​fruit trees in the country, which means an almost twenty-fold increase from the 3.200 hectares existing in the year 2000.

Clearly, cherries are identified as one of the fruits with the highest growth and projection within the Chilean fruit supply, also attracting a lot of interest from producers from other countries in the region. The great interest of Chinese demand and other markets makes this fruit a great opportunity for producers, exporters and investors.

blueberries and cherries

This scenario of great opportunities for cherries is not exempt from facing great challenges in the immediate future, so the most important aspects of this industry will be addressed in the XXV International Seminar on Blueberries & Cherries, which will take place at the Monticello Events Center on April 13.

The meeting will begin with the "Introduction of the cultivation of cherry trees in Chilean fruit growing", by the former Minister of Agriculture and experienced agricultural producer, Antonio Walker.

Growth and challenges

Numerous specialists warn that the increase in the area and production of cherries will have an even greater impact on logistics, infrastructure, labor, production costs, water use and other agronomic challenges, such as managing harvest time according to the date of the Chinese New Year, achieve better yields, more firmness and quality of the fruit, promote varietal replacement and have a good post-harvest process.

All these aspects will be addressed in the XXV International Blueberries & Cherries Seminar on April 13, for which they are confirmed, in addition to the former Minister Walker, a dozen specialists and researchers, headed by Manuel Jose Alcaino, who will analyze the current cherry season and John Paul Zoffoli, with his great experience in the area.


The program will address the management of volumes and results of early, medium and late fruit, in addition to the behavior of the post-Chinese New Year market, analyzed by javier saavedra.

The new varieties of cherry trees for early and late production will be presented and analyzed by Lorraine Pinto. The technical management for the new varieties of cherry trees will be exposed by walter masman and management for cherry production premium, will be addressed by Victor Vicencio.

Closing the program April 13, the renowned specialists Jessica Rodriguez y Víctor Escalona They will address all post-harvest aspects of the cherry, from the agronomic, technical, technological and logistical management necessary to reach distant markets with quality fruit.

Outstanding moments will be the two round tables that will be held during the day, where it will be possible to delve into the different aspects of the industry, cultivation, its management or its commercialization, with Manuel Jose Alcaino and the renowned researcher John Paul Zoffoli and on the other hand, to address in detail the varietal offer, its advantages and challenges, with Lorena Pinto, Walter Masman and Victor Vicencio.

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