Success of the International Seminar of Blueberries of Lima

Last 18 in June, the Second International Blueberries Seminar was held at the JW Marriott Hotel in the Peruvian city of Lima organized by AGQ Labs and Blueberries Consulting. The final result of this important seminar was a resounding success for the high professional quality of the speakers and assistants, and for the level of inscriptions reached almost reaching the 300 participants, who had the opportunity to discuss the technical challenges and perspectives of the cranberry sector in Peru.

The general opinion of the speakers and the audience was that there had never been a seminar of this level in Peru and the praise for the organization were present throughout the development of the event.

Many of the attending experts concluded that the Peruvian blueberry industry is consolidated, but now it needs a greater commitment to its international positioning to introduce itself effectively in foreign markets and be a reference for this type of crops in a global way, accompanying countries such as Mexico, Argentina or Chile in the demanding path of demanding markets such as Europe or the United States.

The important commitment of the organizers for this type of cultivation in Peru and the importance of addressing the issues of technical challenges and the search for solutions for a correct development of the blueberry in the country, which on the other hand has a climate, was highlighted. very suitable for this crop and that will reach a production of 2.500 tons of berries in 2015.


Source: AGQ Labs Peru

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