Experts: "It is key to invest in improving logistics in China"

A panel of experts, composed of Tan Li-Jin, Craig Bowyer, Ralph Zhou, Steven Fang and Kurt Huang, during their exhibitions at Asiafruit Market Insight, agreed on the need to invest and develop in the Chinese logistics industry in order to to keep up due to the growing imports that need to improve the distribution of fresh products.

Kurt Huang representative of Huizhan fruit and vegetable wholesale market, analyzed the opportunities for suppliers to arrive with their fresh products to consumers in China, through chartered and refrigerated flights.

Steven Fang of China Eastern Airlines and Ralph Zhou of Seatrade China offered an overview of the different ways to improve the transport of fresh produce in China, especially those linked to charter flights of cherries from Seattle to Shanghai, as well as the advantages of shipping specialized reefers of perishables.

Tan Li-Jin from APC (Shanghai) Auction, explained the opportunities that exist to auction agro-products, based on the business model developed in Europe, adapting and modernizing it to the reality of the Chinese market, in order to increase the transparency, offer fair transactions and level the “play” in the agricultural field.

Finally, Craig Bowyer of Swire Cold Storage talked about his company's work to develop a network for cold storage and distribution of fresh products in China, as a result of the government's work to develop more robust food safety standards.

"There is a need for the existence of a cold storage network for distribution throughout China, ensuring the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables, and Swire has been providing good support for the entire industryHuang said.


Source: SimFruit

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