Export of blueberries would exceed the US $ 200 million wholesale production area

According to the Sierra Exportadora program, the production in blueberries in Peru it will go from 2,500 to 3,200 hectares in the 2016.

President of Sierra Exportadora, Alfonso Velásquez, informed that if the production of blueberries continues on the coast and the Peruvian highlands maintains its current rhythm, then exports of this product should exceed US $ 200 million in the 2016.

"We should exceed the US $ 200 million in exports during the 2016, since the demand for blueberries abroad is increasing and its price will fluctuate between US $ 9 and US $ 14 per kilo", he pointed.

In the 2015, the shipments abroad of this fruit, which has La Libertad as the main area of ​​origin, has reached US $ 94.26 million, that is, three times more than in the 2014 when almost 30 million dollars were exported.

Sierra Exportadora said that in the Andean region the increase in the export of blueberries is also evident, since during the 2015, the sierra exported US $ 1.10 million, an 142% more than the US $ 457,000 that was achieved in the 2014.

"The objective is to move from the 2,500 hectares that are now available to the 3,200 in the 2016," he added. Velásquez, who encouraged producers to "continue betting on these berries to satisfy the volume and quality of already won customers, and to get new markets".

More markets
The increase in exports of Peruvian blueberry has been intense during the last four years, as it went from almost zero exports in the 2011, to US $ 465,000 in the 2012, and then jump to the US $ 15.18 million in the 2013 and the US $ 29.27 million dollars in the 2014, to culminate with more than the US $ 94 million in the 2015.

The markets that demand these fruits are also more and in the 2015 there were 20 destination countries, ten more than in the 2014. The main market is still United States by concentrating more than half of the purchase (US $ 53.2 million), followed by the Netherlands (US $ 25.7 million), the United Kingdom (US $ 11.55 million) and Hong Kong (US $ 5.99 million).

Sierra Exportadora, through its program "Peru Berries", promotes this production in the inter-Andean zones, whose height goes from the 500 to the 3,000 meters above sea level, and represent around 28% of the national territory.

The regions that keep these conditions and that have already been involved in this economic activity are: Ancash, Apurimac, Arequipa, Cajamarca, Cusco, Junin, La Libertad, Lambayeque and Pasco.

The expectation for this production has also allowed Sierra Exportadora, which provides technical assistance to the entire production and marketing chain of this activity, articulating actions with regional and local authorities, through its "Productive Municipality" program.

Such is the case of the plots that are already being developed in the Yaca community, with the support of the Regional Government of Apurímac. Similarly, in Pachitea, hand in hand with the Regional Government of Huánuco, as well as in Limatambo and Calca that have funds from the Regional Government of Cusco.

Source: Gestion.pe

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