Agricultural exports from Peru to China reached US$ 356 million in 2022, showing an increase of +54.9% compared to 2021

In 2022, Peruvian exports to China reached US$20.891 million compared to the US$4.082 million registered in 2009. In the case of imports, these amounted to US$15.789 million in 2022 compared to US$3.166 million in 2009, reported the Foreign Trade Society of Peru (Comex Peru).

He pointed out that from before the entry into force of the FTA between Peru and China until 2022 (the validity of the trade agreement between the two countries begins in 2009), quite significant changes have been observed. Our total exports to China, in the period 2009-2022, registered a growth of 412%, with an average annual growth of 13.4%.

In the case of exports of the traditional item, these accumulated an increase of 418%, with an annual average of 13.5%; while those of non-traditional heading accumulated a dynamism of 284%, with an annual average of 10.9%. On the other hand, our imports from China, in the period 2009-2022, showed an increase of 399%, with an average annual growth of 13.2%.

Although it is true that the bulk of our shipments to China are products from the traditional sector, particularly mining, it should be noted that products from the non-traditional sector, particularly from the agricultural sector, have been gaining ground in the Asian giant's market.

Products such as fresh grapes reached US$68.4 million exported in 2022 (+1.022% compared to 2009) have increased their participation, while other products that were not exported to China in 2009 have been incorporated, such as blueberries (US$133 million in 2022), algae (US$69.6 million in 2022) and avocados (US$39.7 million in 2022).

Exports 2022

ComexPerú highlighted that shipments to China in 2022 (US$ 20.891 million), represented 33% of our total exports in that year; while imports from the Asian giant (US$ 15.789 million), represented 26.2% of our total purchases from abroad.

Regarding the traditional item, in 2022, our shipments to China reached a value of US$ 20.185 million, within which exports from the mining sector stand out, with an amount of US$ 18.390 million and a participation of 91%. in the exports of the item. The list is followed by fishing exports, particularly fishmeal (US$1.416 million, 7% of the total item), and oil and its derivatives (US$245 million, 1.2%).

For their part, exports of the non-traditional item to the Asian giant in 2022 totaled US$ 706 million (+6.9% compared to 2021). Among them, sectors such as agriculture stood out with shipments for US$ 356 million (+54.9% compared to 2021), representing 50.4% of total non-traditional exports to China. In 2009 shipments from this sector to that destination barely totaled US$ 20 million.

It is followed by the fishing sector with US$ 230 million (concentrating 32.6% of the total); textiles with US$ 46.6 million (6.6% of the total); wood and paper with US$ 24.3 million (3.4% of the total); and the chemical with US$ 21.7 million (3% of the total).

On the other hand, during 2022, imports from China were led by the metal-mechanic sectors with US$7.283 million (46.1% of total imports from China), chemicals with US$2.892 million (18.3% of the total), iron and steel with US$1.585 million (10% of the total) and textiles with US$1.581 million (10% of the total).

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