Peru blueberry exports 2020: record low price and record volume

In 2020, as we forecast in the  annual review of the berry business , Peru has consolidated its leadership as a world leader in blueberry exports. According  Agrodata PeruIn 2020, Peru increased its blueberry exports by 27,5% to 155.600 tonnes, widening the gap with Chile, where the growth of blueberry exports was less significant.

However, the dynamic drop in the average export price of Peruvian blueberries is a factor to consider. The average price of blueberries exported from Peru in 2020 fell dramatically by 19,4% and was a record low since the country's entry into the world export market. Thus, total export earnings increased less than 3% to $ 833 million despite the strong increase in volume.

Naturally, the decrease in the average export price led to a reduction in the profitability of the blueberry business for growers. However, since most of Peru's blueberry plantations are just beginning to bear fruit, the overall income of most farmers has not decreased.

The main export destination for Peruvian blueberries in 2020 was the United States, which bought 52% of the total export volume. At the same time, farmers who grow blueberries in the United States have recently actively protested against the increase in the supply of blueberries from Peru. They plan to take steps to protect their market.

The Netherlands, China, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Canada were also important markets for blueberries from Peru. The largest blueberry exporters in Peru were Camposol SA, Hortifrut Peru SAC, Complejo Agroindustrial Beta SA, Agrovision Peru SAC, Agricola Santa Azul SRL, Agroberries Peru SAC, Danper Trujillo SAC and Agricola Cerro Prieto SA.

It is worth mentioning that  EastFruit analysts predict a drop in blueberry prices in Ukraine and Georgia  in 2021 due to the expected strong increase in production in these countries and in Spain, Poland and the entire region.

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