Peruvian blueberry exports grow 57% to October and beat record

The exports of the Peruvian agricultural sector, to October 2018, registered a growth of 15% compared to the same period of the previous year, adding a total of US $ 5,086 million, reported today the Association of Agricultural Producers' Associations of Peru (AGAP).

He explained that the result was mainly driven by the export of fresh fruits and vegetables (23%), equivalent to US $ 2,534 million.

Within this subsector, fresh fruits had the best performance, as they registered an increase in their exports of 30% (US $ 2,158 million).

The product that led was the avocado Hass with exports for US $ 724 million (26%), followed by the blueberry with US $ 381 million (57%), thus exceeding the figure registered throughout the 2017 (US $ 361 million).

The list also includes the grape with US $ 373 million (7%), the mango with US $ 204 million (46%), the organic banana US $ 142 million (14%) and the grenade with US $ 67 million (12 %).

Citrus exports also registered shipments of US $ 183 million during this period, as well as Brazil nuts whose shipments reached US $ 60 million (46%).

Other products that exceeded the 2017 records were the passion fruit and watermelons with US $ 3 million each, in addition to the cherimoyas, dates, coconuts and pineapples.

In the case of the fresh vegetables subsector, the export of onions grew by 20%, registering US $ 49 million between January and October 2018; while peas, capsicums, tomatoes and olives exceeded the 2017 records in US $ 23 million, US $ 1.3 million, US $ 1 million and US $ 0.2 million respectively.

Asparagus continued to be the most exported vegetable during this period, with shipments of US $ 289 million.


On the other hand, in terms of destination continents, in Europe we already exceeded the shipments made during the 2017, going from US $ 1,141 million to US $ 1,158 million, likewise in continents like Central America (from US $ 60 million to US $ 65 million), Oceania (from US $ 7 million to US $ 8 million) and Africa (from US $ 1 million to US $ 2 million).

In North America, Asia and South America, the growth was US $ 950 million, US $ 287 million and US $ 57 million respectively.

The United States continued to be the market that received most Peruvian agricultural products during the mentioned period with US $ 908 million (18%), followed by the Netherlands US $ 640 million (31% and surpassing the figure registered during the previous year), United Kingdom US $ 221 million (14%), Spain with US $ 188 million (38%), China with US $ 89 million, South Korea with US $ 77 million (96%) and Hong Kong with US $ 75 million ( 7%).

It is important to highlight the contribution in exports of products such as cocoa with shipments of US $ 222 million (15%) and of Peruvian coffee with US $ 500 million.


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