Fall Creek Peru: a decade of sustained growth

  • Fall creek® introduces an innovative free marketing scheme for producers.
  • Its production capacity of 14 million plants per year and varieties adapted to the climatic conditions of Peru stand out.

Fall Creek® Perú, a subsidiary of the global blueberry company founded in Oregon, United States, celebrates ten years of operations in the Peruvian market, and highlights its focus on process integration and varietal innovation. Julio Zavala, Commercial Director of Fall Creek® Peru, explains how the company has developed a complete infrastructure, including a laboratory, propagation area and nursery, to provide an efficient service that adapts to the needs of local producers.

With five nurseries in Quilmaná, Cañete, and a production capacity of 14 million plants per year, Fall Creek® has achieved notable growth. This development is the result of an evolution that began with the importation of plants and expanded to a more robust local operation.

Julio Zavala Commercial Manager Peru Colombia & Ecuador, Fall Creek Farm & Nursery

“Having each production step locally allows us to deliver our plants to producers just when they need them, according to annual cycles,” he explained. Zavala.

The company has focused on the development and promotion of blueberry varieties that adapt to the specific conditions of Peru and the demands of international markets. Varieties such as AtlasBlue™ 'FCM12-045', AzraBlue™ 'FCM14-031', BiancaBlue® 'FCM12-087' and 'FCM14-057' have gained popularity among growers in China, Mexico and Spain, and stand out for characteristics such as high productivity, good calibers, good flavor and adaptability to different climates.

"In addition, it is worth noting the good performance of our varieties under adverse conditions, as was the case during the El Niño phenomenon in 2023. This is an important point to consider in climates like ours," he highlighted. Zavala.

BiancaBlue® 'FCM12-087' and 'FCM14-057'

On the other hand, the spokesperson highlighted the importance of innovation with the introduction of new selections such as 'FCM17-132' and 'FCE18-015', which have already begun to show good results in the Peruvian market.

A crucial aspect of Fall Creek®'s strategy is the support it offers to producers. The team of Grower Support, with presence in various regions of the country, provides specialized advice, a distinctive characteristic of the company.

“The blueberry market in Peru has experienced significant changes since the arrival of Fall Creek®. Although the business remains profitable, margins have been affected, requiring producers to be more precise in managing their crops, and in Fall Creek® We are here to accompany you every step of the way with our staff. Grower Support"He explained Zavala.

Innovation in free marketing

A significant advance in Fall Creek® Peru is the implementation of its free marketing scheme. This initiative marks a milestone in the company's commercial strategy, offering producers greater flexibility and access to advanced genetics under a royalty system.

"Since 2023, Fall Creek® has begun to release new varieties, meeting the growing demand of producers in search of more diverse and profitable cultivation options. This free marketing model adds to our existing offering, complementing specialized programs such as Sekoya®, which offer exclusive varieties under a specific licensing model," he explained Zavala. ❝This expands the options for producers, allowing them to choose varieties that fit their specific needs, whether opting for the flexibility of the new model or the exclusive and specialized varieties of the program Sekoya®

This opening in the commercialization of varieties not only benefits producers with a greater range of options, but also encourages competitiveness and innovation in the sector. With this approach, Fall Creek® Peru seeks to position itself as a key facilitator in the development of a more dynamic industry adapted to global market trends.

Fall Creek Peru

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