FallCreek conducts a Panel Discussion with world-class experts

This meeting is the opportunity to learn from a truly international and holistic view of the industry, devoid of localism and partiality.

In the context of International Blueberry Month there will be a Discussion panel with the main directors of Fall Creek and those responsible for the most important countries and regions of the world. The meeting will address the multiple aspects of the global blueberry industry, including the new reality of the markets, the crescent offer genetics, the news technological alternatives, and the challenges in logistics, among many other topics that may be required by attendees.

The experts

The team will be led by Court Brazelton, Co-CEO of FallCreek; Jason Wolfcott, commercial director; Matt kramer, Director of Product Development; Alberto Medina-Mora, regional director in Mexico; Ricardo Polís, regional director for South America; Scott cully, regional director for the US / Canada; Bertrand Guely, regional director of the Emena area (Europe, Middle East and North Africa); Y Wian mouton, commercial manager in South Africa.

In the Panel, which will have a round of questions format and which is carried out in unprecedented way for one time only, they will meet 8 leading world specialists, to answer queries and questions about your region or local industry and the various universal aspects of the global blueberry industry.

The live panel discussion will be in English, on Wednesday August 18, and may be reissued in Spanish version on Friday August 20.

An industry in motion

La global blueberry industry It has spread rapidly throughout the world, covering five continents and dozens of producing and exporting countries of this fruit. Consumers are multiplying daily, markets have diversified and the percentage of consumption per capita it rises as the knowledge of the qualities of the fruit increases.

Traditional markets are consolidated and new commercial alternatives emerge strongly. The standards of quality and demand are raised internationally and the challenges are universalized. No one can be alone in the blueberry market. The reality of Peru or Chile is also that of South Africa, Spain or Morocco, in many respects. The challenges are common and common are also the prospects for development or growth.

An important event

This Discussion panel It is an excellent opportunity to learn not only about the reality of other industries, but also the opinion and analysis of the global blueberry industry from the same perspective, that of Fall Creek.

For this reason, in this meeting there is no distortion or bias of a local or partial gaze, provided with legitimate interests of its own.

In short, a unmissable encounter!

To participate in the event click on the following link:

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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