Flicker: A New Variety of Blueberries for Chile

Together with greeting you, as Sunnyridge Nurseries we want to announce and let you know the Flicker variety. A new Blueberry Variety from the University of Florida that we have begun to market in Chile this year 2019.

Here are the main characteristics and qualities of this variety:

Flickr, It is an early variety that is first marketed in the country, this variety has been shown to have an excellent potential for Evergreen production. It can be used for production under or outside greenhouses, in soil or potted plants, such as deciduous or evergreen plants.

It is very vigorous, with loose clusters, of large fruit. Its average weight is 20% greater than Star. It has a good flavor, the fruit remains firm on the plant, with a very good post-harvest life. It has a productive potential of 20.000 - 25.000 kilos per ha. It is the earliest harvested variety in Florida.

Its harvest is widespread, so this characteristic makes it an excellent option in the organic production areas of the IV and V Region since it will start very early and can continue to be harvested until later than any other early variety and with excellent fruit. quality.

For the south central zone, it should become a very good option to start very early and continue the harvest, covering the Duke period with a very good size, fruit, good flavor and a very good post-harvest life. When grown in pots, this variety gives excellent results.

This is a new variety that you can have a market opportunity to consider in your future projects, we invite you to try and evaluate this variety, which will undoubtedly bring excellent results.

At this moment we have a limited delivery stock for Spring Afternoon 2019, in case they require information, do not hesitate to contact us by mail or telephone.

Sunnyridge Nurseries

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