Saturday, August 8, 2020 / Week 32


Listening to the producer in his farm, visiting his facilities and talking with the technicians, knowing the local industry and talking with the experts, are the objectives of the commercial technical tours of Blueberries Consulting to the different blueberry producing countries ... know the details of our first tour and Join the next trip!

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DateActivity Location
Test site of blueberry varieties.
San Nicolas, Chillán.
Test site of blueberry varieties.Cauquenes
Commercial Talk
Visit to the farm with 150 hectares of blueberries outdoors and macro-tunnels. Varieties of different genetic lines.Cauquenes
Visit to farms with 60 hectares with representative varieties of the area: O'neal, Duke, Legacy and Brigitta.Mesmavida, Longaví.
Visit to experimental plots supported by the university of the region.Linares
Process plant visit. Reception, selection, packaging and cold.Chimbarongo
Commercial TalkSan Francisco de Mostazal.
Laboratory of micropropagation and plant improvement.Curacaví
Process plant visit. Reception, selection, packaging and cold.Pudahuel.
Visit to blueberry plant nursery.Little daughters
Non-traditional production area. Varieties Jewell, Emerald, Snowchaser, Primadonna, O'neal and Star. Production in pot and soil.
Cárcamo, Illapel.
First producer of blueberries in the area. Soil production O´neal and Star varieties.
Colliguay, Salamanca.
Macrotunnels, planting in soil and pots. Varieties Kirra, Mayra, Stella Blue, Jewell, Camelia, Cielo and Arana.
Carachilla, Ovalle.

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Intense journey to an industry of 30 years

A great success was the long and intense trip to the Chilean blueberry industry, and apparently there was no aspect that has not been visited or known, so it was enriching ...

Program 2016

"The people who received us were very professional, which allowed us to learn a lot about the industry. Personally, this tour fully met my goal of knowing better the blueberry producing areas in Chile and about new varieties such as Ventura, Del Cielo, Arana, Kirra, among others. I am very pleased that the group was composed of people of different nationalities. The activities carried out were very well designed". Sofia Yu, Regional Purchasing Manager of Zugeng Fruit-Trade, Shanghai - China.

"I attended this tour with the aim of compare the level we have in Colombia regarding: cultivation, fruit quality, size, taste, post-harvest handling. I can say, that they totally complied". Luis Carlos Afanador, General Manager of Proplantas, Bogotá - Colombia.

"The tour gave us criteria for decision-making regarding the business and the production of blueberries and presented us with a better visual of Colombia as an actor in the blueberry business internationally. I liked the chosen sites, the different scales of production and marketing, the disposition of the people who attended us and their commitment so that we could understand in detail their work, the unified discourse of the different actors in the chain. Also the concern that the members of the tour were the most comfortable and attended". César Vásquez Rodríguez, General Manager, CVR Knowledge Engineering, Bogota Colombia.