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Last month, Thursday 9, I was present at the International Cranberry Seminar held in Punta Umbría (Huelva) and I could see the interest of the berries sector and the expectation that it created among them. The attendance was a success, with 450 people, mostly technicians, all expectant of the information that the speakers were going to give. An ample program that, in its majority, covered the cultivation and the problems of plantation and development, with important speakers of the world of the cranberry come from Chile for the occasion, taking into account that this country is the biggest producer.

The cranberry boom in Spain has been fast and, in a very short time, This has led to the fact that it is still in development and its cultivation system is not completely dominated, although every year the hectares increase, since it is a very profitable fruit.

It struck me that in all the presentations the room was full, something that is not very normal in the sector, since, in many days, those that are full are the corridors. This may mean that we are entering a new generation of technicians who come to these events really to acquire more knowledge and not to talk with colleagues, which I do not say is not also interesting.

In the question time there was one that made me think and see that it is important to speak clearly to the sector. What must be done to win the consumer? At that time, we all thought that the speaker was going to give a string of the same advice as always. And what was my surprise, he just said: you worry about cultivating a product that is truly healthy and with quality so that it does not have claims on the part of its client and this will assure the consumption and the purchase on the part of the consumers. This seems so obvious sometimes is not and, in most cases, is the biggest problem that the Spanish fruit and vegetable sector has in the European markets.

I want to congratulate the organizers for a seminar in which we have learned a lot and that can be repeated.

Source: revistamercados.com

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