Innovative technological application as a tool for managing the safety, quality and condition of berries

The commercialization of berries is a real challenge as they are highly perishable foods, with short periods of maturity and senescence. In general, the shelf life of berries is limited, due to softening and diseases of the fruits caused by fungi. Along with the global increase in the consumption of berries, Foodborne Diseases (ETAs) also increased, the causal agents being mainly identified: Norovirus and Salmonella.

As the berry consumers in the world they demand high quality and safety, producers and exporters have got down to work in the search for the best alternatives to reinforce safety and quality / condition plans that are more demanding every day. In this sense, the call is to be able to count on tools that have comprehensive solutions and that, in turn, do not produce harmful effects on people and are environmentally friendly.

"The figures of world outbreaks of ETAs show that sanitization processes in berries are not enough to control microbiological hazards, urgently requiring new technological interventions."

Non Thermal Plasma - Oxyion®️ Technology

El Non-Thermal Plasma (PNT) is a technology that decontaminates the surfaces of fresh produce and environments of food handling or process areas. This antimicrobial intervention offers the advantage of being chemical-free and without the use of water. SOP is a treatment that has the potential for flexible applications for a wide variety of fruit and vegetable production process settings.

La Oxyion®️ technology generates a specific type of SOP, which, without chemicals or residues, controls microorganisms and improves postharvest conditions in fruits and vegetables, supporting the safety and quality plans of the companies.

The Oxyion®️ Technology also allows, to increase the environmental biosecurity in the enclosures, taking care of the people who work in these facilities.

"The Oxyion Technology®️ it is approved for use in organic fruit and has an extensive repository of scientific validations ”.

The company has presence in more than 14 countries; and has subsidiaries specialized in the fruit and vegetable sector in USA, Mexico, Spain, Peru and Chile, with about 5.000 facilities in operation.

Oxyion®️ insufflation in blueberries: Better condition and reinforcement in the safety of the fruits

To generate greater support for the industry, Oxyion®️ developed specialized equipment that performs a directed injection of SOPs into finished product pallets prior to export, in an innovative process known as insufflation. This application requires a cover or pallet bag depending on the customer's market and export program. In addition, the time of exposure to the technology is determined according to kilos and type of packaging to be treated.

"Results in commercial applications on pallets show less dehydration of fruits and greater firmness, with differences of up to 10 points under blueberries at destination".

The insufflation carried out with the Oxyion®️ technology it is the ideal complement to the cold chain in process areas,

Oxyion®️ technology

pre-cold tunnels and storage chambers.

This innovation of Oxyion®️ has numerous validations for both condition and firmness as harmlessness in blueberries, with effective results, without chemicals or residues (organic technology).













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