IV International Seminar "Agriculture in Harmony"

EM ™ is a natural and probiotic technology developed 28 years ago in Japan. It stands for “effective microorganisms ™” and is made up of highly efficient, beneficial organisms. These microorganisms are neither harmful, nor pathogenic, nor genetically modified, nor chemically synthesized.

Originally, it was developed as an alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides, however, the use of EM ™ Technology, in the last two decades, has expanded from agriculture to water and effluent treatment, odor control, farms and animal health, human health and innumerable industrial treatments. Currently, EM ™ is used in more than 180 countries and there are 54 factories around the world. More than 30 Research Centers, distributed by several countries, daily create and analyze new alternatives to increase and further expand the range of use of this Technology.

This IV Seminar will be held on August 08 at the Neruda Hotel located at Av. Pedro de Valdivia 164, Providencia. Your entry is released upon registration.

Exhibitors from Japan, Brazil, USA, Peru, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica and Chile, will share biological solutions to problems of agricultural production, including: Soil health (control of pathogens such as nematodes and fungi causing diseases such as fusarium, phytophthora, among others), soil salinity, nutrient solubility and, in general, topics that will go in favor of the microbiological equilibrium of soils and provide alternatives to increase agricultural productivity in a sustainable manner, with lower costs, will be addressed. of production and taking care of soil fertility.

The event will be free upon registration, places are limited.
The Registration Form can be filled through:

-Pag.Web ,: www.biopunto.cl
-link: http://www.biopunto.cl/seminario/

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