Jacobo Efraín Cabrera, president of the Agrifood Councils: "I am very proud to see how they have grown and how they have helped us grow"

In his presence at the XX International Blueberry Seminar held by the industry at Expo Guadalajara, Mr. Jacobo Efraín Cabrera Palos, president of the Agrifood Councils of Mexico, comments that as a body they were the architects of the current good moment that the Mexican blueberry industry has. and berries in general.

“30 years ago we had to be pioneers in the relationship with Chile and we brought along some Chilean companies. Today we are the fifth world producer of berries ”he highlights and recalls that, on this path,“ in Jalisco 5 years ago it was a fundamental moment, because we sponsored Blueberries Consulting in the first International Seminar held in Guadalajara ”.

  •  What do you expect from this meeting?

The first thing is to know the consumer, know what demand, ultimately identify the new plant varieties, what are the values ​​acquired in food and above all order our territory, take care of water and of course the well-being of work. Those are the great challenges that I am sure will be addressed at the Seminar.

The recognized Mexican leader in the agricultural industry values ​​the holding of the International Seminars as an invaluable contribution to the development of the industry. “Today it is good to see them all over the world. The truth is that it is a pride, because from the pandemic, one of the factors that are fundamental is the issue of communication. Today communication and virtualization is the modus operandi of all. We have an excess of communication and we need to reach an assertive communication, and Blueberries Consulting is an organization that assertively communicates trends, positioning, plant varieties, consumer habits, etc. The truth is that I am very proud to see how Blueberries Consulting has grown and helped us grow ”, he concludes.

Martín Carrillo O. - Blueberries Consulting

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