Jorge Esquivel: "This is the moment that companies approach and pick up concerns"

The production of blueberries in Peru has had an exponential growth, all have said and recognized. This rapid growth also brings with it the increase in difficulties and the necessary updating of knowledge, both for the agricultural entrepreneurs who started the crop and for the large amount that is still integrated. We must make efforts to maintain the parameters, in such a way that it continues to be a good business for all.

This is the main objective of XI International Seminar of the 17 of May in Lima. If you review each of the topics included in the program, and the curriculum of the experts and rapporteurs, it is clear that this meeting takes very seriously the true reality of the crop and its current challenges, both in Peru and in the rest of the world. world.

Characterize the problem of the different productive areas is a need to raise a good diagnosis and analyze the different options of management, that is ensured in the program. Equally important is to deepen on the qualities of the hydroponics and to know about the varied technology that exists in the market, both in substrates and in pots, accessories and advice.

Talking with Jorge Esquivel and his experience as an international advisor, he tells us about the importance of knowing and evaluating hydroponic production in blueberries.

"It is necessary to value the use of this technology from different perspectives and considering multiple factors: environmental conditions, costs, times of entry into production, estimated dates of harvest, vigor of the variety, quality of soils, greater or lesser control of the crop, expertise of the technical team, among others. Depending on the characteristics of the production area and a successful varietal choice, important benefits can be obtained with this production system", Says the expert. It also adds that it is presented as an excellent and attractive alternative to produce organic fruit in a short period of time, complying with current international protocols.

Esquivel emphasizes that according to his experience, one of the greatest requirements of the technical teams is to have more access and knowledge of the technology of the agrochemical industry and to know the qualities and uses of the products of these companies. The Seminar program addresses this topic in the field of research and the new knowledge that exists in this regard, with two recognized exponents: Heiner Goldbach, from the University of Bonn, Germany, who will present on the application of nutrients via foliar and how to optimize its absorption, and Patrick Du Jardin, from the University of Liege, Belgium, who will share his knowledge on the use of plant biostimulants, from the perspective of sustainable crop production. Both researchers enjoy outstanding international prestige and are pioneers in research in their areas of expertise.

"But it is necessary that companies approach the technical teams showing their products and explaining their qualities and uses. There is a lot of ignorance in this field and the 17 International Seminar in May is a good scenario to connect the different actors. This is the moment that the companies approach and pick up the concerns", He emphasizes.

The meeting will also develop a round table to detect the main problems of condition of Peruvian fruit observed in destination, mainly in the Asian market, and share opinions regarding possible forms of control.

"We must value the effort of carrying out these instances of participation and learning because it is a very necessary exercise for the industry. It is time to evaluate, correct and renew"Argues the expert, and reiterates his position that not only for Peruvian producers it is essential to participate in the programmed topics, but for all the industry players in the region. "The global nature that the crop has been acquiring forces us to standardize criteria regarding all the stages of the production process and its handling", Ends.

Source: Blueberries Consulting

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