Genetics is the “silver bullet” for the challenges of the agro-export industry

The abundant genetic offer of new varieties of blueberries and other berries & cherries will be the main topic in the programming of the Blueberries Consulting International Seminars in 2024

Science applied to research that seeks to improve plants and the technology developed to multiply and propagate its results is perhaps one of the industry disciplines that has developed the most in recent years.

Silver bullet

The genetic improvement of plants seeks to provide answers to producers, companies and the market, producing varieties with better and faster yields; with the capacity to produce in non-traditional edaphoclimatic environments; with qualities to face excess heat or zero cold hours; produce in situations of water scarcity; in soil or inert substrates; and with higher quality fruit, with a larger size and better flavor, among other attributes that are required of the agro-export industry.

Climate, soil, environment and market

Added to these numerous requirements is the great challenge of adapting to climate change, which is already an irreversible reality.

The major meteorological phenomena that emerge from its reality, such as the deep and prolonged droughts that different regions of the world have suffered, the abundant rains concentrated in a short time, the increase in global temperature, and the various impacts on the crops that They arise from the climatic factor, they also seek answers in the genetic improvement of plants, a solution to face these problems.

meetings 2024

For these reasons, the abundant supply of new varieties of blueberries and other berries & cherries will remain a main topic to be addressed in the Blueberries Consulting International Seminars scheduled for 2024, and should surely remain in the meeting schedule for future seasons. , because plant genetics has become a good part of the solution to the great environmental, safety, quality and yield challenges demanded of the agro-fruit industry.

Updated industry

Blueberries Consulting's desire to highlight the present and future of plant genetics in its international meetings is due to the conviction that the elements described above, although challenging and in some cases very difficult to overcome, are not an immovable reality, as On the contrary, they are factors that can be modified and even deepened or worsened over the years, which is why information, knowledge, learning and research are vital to maintaining a profitable, updated and sustainable industry over time.

For the actors of a modern and technological industry, such as the global agro-fruit industry, it is essential to be informed of new tools, other applications, management, tests and the latest related to crops in a perspective of permanent development, to be every day more competitive in a demanding and demanding market, such as the export and import of fruit.

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