The Chilean industry and the projections of the Chinese market are analyzed this Tuesday, August 25

The activities of the International Blueberry Month continue this Tuesday addressing these great topics, exposed and analyzed by industry experts who are directly related to each one of them.

The market for foreign fruit in China, and specifically for blueberry, is a subject that varies depending on the perspective of the media or the person reporting it. We are told that it is a giant market open to the consumption of the entire supply, which would promote an infinite growth in global production. We are also told that, on the contrary, the country's strategy is to be completely self-sufficient in the short term, so there would be very little space for foreign fruit in its markets.

It is undoubtedly a debatable issue, but it has data, figures and a specific behavior, so it is best to find out from direct sources, who are experts in the industry and are directly related to the reality that is analyzed to have a vision from a reliable perspective.

This is the case of Henk Vaandrager, general manager of Fall Creek in China, who will give the talk translated into Spanish “Chinese market conditions and the impacts of COVID-19”.

Analysis of the Chilean industry

The same happens with the reality, challenges, strategies and projections of the Chilean blueberry industry. This subject will be presented and analyzed by Manuel José Alcaíno, president of Decofrut, a recognized industry expert, who has extensive knowledge on the subject and a professional outlook devoid of interest to address this issue objectively.

Manuel José Alcaíno, will give the talk "Situation of blueberry production in Chile: Analysis of markets and competing countries"

New varieties        

To close the day on Tuesday, Jorge Nanjari, former president of the Chilean Nursery Association, will present on "New varieties of blueberries for Chile, Peru, Colombia and Ecuador", a topic of the utmost importance for countries that are in full process of varietal replacement, or in search of a genetics that allows a more profitable and / or more competitive fruit production.

Great international participation

All the commercial and technical talks end with rounds of questions, in order to delve into some aspects of the exposed topics, and a great participation has been observed in each one of them.

The days of the International Blueberry Month have had a large number of attendees, connected from a dozen countries, reaching more than 900 people in some of the days, a figure that could even increase in these last meetings, thus closing a successful initiative that clearly contributes to the development of the industry in times of pandemic.

The international day this Tuesday begins at 11.00 am (Chilean time) and to participate you can connect to the following link:

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