The berry industry in Mexico continues to grow despite the challenges

This season, the berry industry is expected to grow less than the expected 15%, although its growth would remain in double digits.

One of the main challenges for the Mexican berry industry – and an adjustment factor for projected volumes – is undoubtedly the climatic and meteorological factor, which has become a significant threat to crops due to its uncalculated disruptions, with increasingly intense and harmful disruptive consequences for producers.

Juan Jose Flores, general director of the National Association of Berries Exporters of Mexico, Aneberries, comments that in terms of challenges “increases in production costs, labor challenges and the low value of the dollar are added, which does not help” .

Projection to adjustment

The executive explains that the berry season was projected to grow by 15% on average for all berries, however, these variables, mainly climatic ones, have forced these numbers to be adjusted by 20% less than projected, so This season, the berry industry is expected to grow less than the expected 15%, although its growth would remain in double digits.

These challenging factors and all those related to the development and growth of the berry industry in Mexico, are contemplated to be addressed in the program of the XXXI International Blueberry Seminar which will take place this June 5 and 6 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco.

new genetics

Juan José Flores will begin the meeting, carrying out an “Analysis of the 2023/2024 season: results and projections”, which will be complemented by Ricardo Márquez, commercial manager of Fall Creek México, with his talk “Update of the blueberry market in Mexico: production, marketing and genetics”.

The director of Aneberries maintains that the new genetics have indeed brought multiple benefits to the industry, with fruit with better flavor, turgor and size, higher yields and more capacity and firmness for long trips, but that it is also being affected by the meteorological phenomena that They arise from climate change, which is why it is a great topic to address at the Guadalajara meeting.

Internal market

Aneberries brings together 40 producing partners of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, and focuses on promoting the consumption of these fruits in both the national and international markets through three main axes: safety, social responsibility and environmental responsibility or sustainability.a

In this scenario, it has developed a strategy to promote internal consumption with different campaigns. Currently they have managed to establish Blackberry Day in the national calendar, an occasion in which multiple sporting, cultural and entertainment activities linked to the consumption of this fruit will be carried out.

Soon, the experience will be repeated with each fruit belonging to the berries, with the aim of strengthening the domestic market in a population that is close to 130 million people, placing it in 11th place among the most populated countries in the world.

The members of Aneberries represent between 75% and 80% of the total berry production in Mexico, which has approximately 63.000 hectares, highlighting strawberry in extension.

growing industry

The production of berries in Mexico extends over an area of ​​more than 60 thousand hectares, with a production of 1 million tons, of which 600 thousand tons are exported fresh, generating annual income worth USD 2.600 billion.

The main market for Mexican berries is North America, thanks to its proximity. «96% of shipments are directed to the United States and Canada. Then there are 36 markets that share the rest.

In strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, Mexican production acts more as a complement in the markets. Regarding international competition in blueberries, in the winter window from October to January Peru is positioned as the leader, followed by Chile in the months of January and February. Although Mexico produces blueberries throughout the year, the industry has modified its commercial focus towards the period from March to May.

The future of the industry berries In Mexico, according to Juan José Flores, it will depend on adaptation to new genetics and meteorological conditions, which poses challenges and opportunities for the country's producers and exporters.

The Guadalajara International Blueberry Seminar will have 19 Mexican and foreign specialists who will address the challenges of climate, pests and diseases, good use of new technologies and crop management in its nutritional aspects to improve the yield and quality of the fruit. The wide and varied genetic offer will also be present and the commercial and market opportunities, and financing options and strategies for berries in Mexico will be delved into.

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