The berries industry in Mexico grows at an annual 20% and blueberries can be the new export star

Although the berry industry in Mexico is relatively new, the Aztec country is growing firmly in terms of blueberries, and on the other hand, it is consolidating itself as the first supplier of blackberries (blackberries) in the world.

To find out more about the campaign just ended and the one that is about to begin, we spoke with Mario Alejandro Andrade, president of the National Association of Berries Exporters (Aneberries).

"We have just finished the campaign and I think it was a record, especially regarding blueberries". The blueberries in Mexico, Andrade explained, is the product, of the four berries, which is growing the most in the country, for obvious reasons, "It is the most demanded after strawberry (strawberry) and the least surface we have installed in Mexico".

"Today is the fastest growing and will continue to grow within the next 4 or 5 years".

We can not fail to mention that Mexico has two campaigns a year in terms of berries, the one recently completed in June, and now the country is preparing to enjoy a second one from September.

"We have a growth rate of 20% as a berry industry, in terms of blueberries we grow at a rate above 70%"Pointed.

The main destinations for blueberries are the United States, Asia and Europe. It should be noted that the United States consumes 85% of Mexican berries.

Mario Andrade explained that due to the fact that it is a new industry, in Mexico there is still no official statistical information on berries. At the recent International Berries Congress in Mexico, the foundations were laid to generate these statistics.

“We believe that we will have this type of information from next year. We estimate that there must be 3.500 hectares of blueberries planted in Mexico ".

As for blackberry, he explained that it is already a very mature market. "Today to speak in the world of blackberry, is to speak of Mexico".

"I think it is a very consolidated business, it no longer brings a very big growth, but it is diversified in the varietal theme. We are seeing completely new varieties, which is very innovative. It is mainly Driscoll's varieties ".

As for the campaign to begin, he pointed out that a growth of 20% is estimated. In terms of value, he indicated that last season closed with USD 1.500 million and for this year USD 1.800 million are projected.

"On a personal basis, I have my doubts regarding climatic factors. We have an early campaign, but the rainy season theme is very late. In the last two weeks we had the rains that we had not had during the whole season. We could have effects due to climatic issues ".

On innovation, he explained that in blueberries, "We are seeing that almost the 50% of what is being planted in Mexico is in pot and substrate. It's about having a more protected and controlled agriculture ".

"We see a lot of innovation in terms of blueberries and raspberries".

On new markets, he informed that with China they are about to sign a Phytosanitary Protocol. In this country, Mexico currently has income for blackberries and raspberries. With blueberries, this Protocol could be signed in November, if it turns out, it would be exported by January / February.

On the other hand, Tom Richardson, vice president of global development at Giumarra, told us that "Industrial volumes are growing and we expect excellent supplies", for this season which started a little earlier with some small volumes arriving in the United States.

"Mexico has very good conditions for the cultivation of blackberries, and that is why most of what is consumed in the United States comes from this origin. In addition, the proximity to the US makes Mexico the perfect partner for importers here. ".

Source: Fruit Portal



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