The avocado industry begins to enter the Stock Market

Avocado volumes seem to defy gravity and are setting record numbers year after year, although this is not by accident ...

The avocado industry has had great growth in the last decade and the most remarkable thing is that this growth is notoriously stable in the markets. This quality is very important in the global situation of economic uncertainty faced by the markets.

Avocado has been able to successfully overcome the most adverse economic conditions, including the stock market crash in 2008, in which volumes could still grow from 2008 to 2009.

Fruit prices have remained relatively stable at all times, even showing a tendency to increase after 2010, despite the entry of new players into production and the growing volumes of fruit.

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How much more can you grow?

According to the analysis of Colin Fain of Agronometrics, avocado volumes appear to defy gravity and are setting record numbers year after year, although this is not by accident.

The avocado industry has designed and achieved this level of growth through close coordination between the different parts of the supply chain, focusing primarily on maintaining the quality of the fruit that reaches consumers, especially with the investments made in the ripening centers in the destination and, on the other hand, implementing generous marketing budgets that have allowed it to continuously expand its market.

In his view, avocados are one of the few categories where market share is not viewed as a zero-sum game, but rather a collaborative effort to attract more people to consume a delicious and nutritious product.

The figures and information available are cause for optimism for the avocado industry, which, due to its well organized organization, still has room to grow. Based on its track record, it can be projected to be a healthy industry ready to take on this challenge.

Avocados in the Bag 

In early September, the Californian company Mission Produce made headlines after announcing that they would apply for an Initial Public Offering (IPO). The American company is not the first in the avocado industry to be listed on the Stock Exchange, Calavo Growers did it in 2002.

As data, until September 11, 2020 Calavo Growers has experienced an increase of 821% in value and, as in 2008, the value of the company fell considerably in April of this year, along with the rest of the Stock Market However, avocado sales have not slowed down, offering a very optimistic outlook for the company.

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