The blueberry industry met at the Monticello Center ...

Around 350 people, among producers, receivers, exporters and experts in the cultivation of blueberries, attended the 3 ° International Seminar, "Chile, leader of the cranberry industry: New competitors, new challenges, new strategies", which was held at the Monticello Center.

To this we must add the concurrence of 30 companies, with their respective stands, which represented the most diverse services for the cranberry industry, from the nurserymen; agrochemicals; packaging and transport services; the exporters; public agencies, and the different state-of-the-art technological services, such as intelligent irrigation, georeferencing, or satellite and aerial technology for the best management of orchards. Almost nobody missed the meeting.

news_seminar_030416_3The attendees and sponsors were very surprised by the high call and the contents exposed by the rapporteurs, among which the exhibition on the phenomenal as a means to accelerate the processes of genetic improvement, exposed by the professor Gustavo Lobos, of the University of Talca, who has a broad curriculum in the discipline. Another important presentation was that of José Antonio Gómez, Agronomist from the University of La Rioja and Master of Science from the University of Navarra, and Regional Director of Applied Research at Driscoll's in southeastern California, United States, who spoke about the keys of the relationship between nutrients and the quality of the fruit, a relevant issue in times when demand demands more quality of our fruit, so we must find out all the variables that help to achieve it.

They touched on topics related mainly to the improvement of the quality of the fruit, but also those related to the observation of the behavior of the markets and the future perspectives of commercialization, in this plane the presentation of Manuel José Alcaíno, Agronomist of the Pontifical Universidad Católica de Chile, founder and president of the consultancy Decofrut, who made a commercial and quality analysis of the Chilean blueberries and the competing countries, detaching from this analysis the new challenges and the development of very interesting proposals for the industry, which we will publish in detail on our portal in the coming days.


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