The Mexican Berries Paradise and Agrovision Peru join forces to market their berries directly in North America

Complete control of the supply chain optimizes the speed of fruit delivery to the consumer and ensures fresher fruit, seeking to maximize performance in the berry category.

The renowned Mexican company Berries Paradise and the Peruvian Agrovision have signed an agreement to create a common platform to directly market their berries in the North American market. The Joint Venture creates a vertically integrated, year-round offering of selected blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, with conventional and organic fruit, with the aim of directly providing the North American consumer with "the most delicious consumer experience."

Complementary production windows

The conjunction of both entities totals an area of ​​4,000 hectares, with a production of 55 million kilos between blueberries, raspberries and blackberries, considering the production of Peru and Mexico.

Francisco Ortiz, Chairman of the Board of Berries Paradise, stated regarding this large commercial operation: “The companies have complementary production windows, a common focus on the production and supply of magnificent fresh berries. Together, we will be positioned to better serve the field, the industry, customers and consumers, with the promise of delivering our best in every berry we offer. The partners produce berries of exclusive varieties, using sustainable agricultural practices, with precision farming techniques and deep environmental awareness. The complete control of the supply chain optimizes the speed of delivery of the fruit to the consumer and ensures a fresher fruit, seeking to maximize performance in the berry category."

comprehensive proposal

Steve Magami, Chairman of the Board of Agrovision, commented in this regard: “We are happy to be able to start this new project hand in hand with Berries Paradise, whom I have known and respected for a long time. Over the last few years, Agrovision has built the blueberry brand “The Fruitist”, which it markets in North America. This new association allows us to take this initiative to the next level, prioritizing both the consistency and availability of our premium varieties, as well as the comprehensive proposal of the three berries in a single commercial platform.”

Agrovision and Berries Paradise are committed to the best corporate governance practices. For each partner, agriculture means a positive way to transform living standards for the people and communities in which they operate.

Berries Paradise is a Mexican company, born from the complementary vision of two producer partners, pioneers and benchmarks within the industry, who, in 2008, in the town of Tuxpan, Jalisco, as a result of the union of their dreams, visions and capabilities, created a model that successfully integrates production and marketing. In just 14 years Berries Paradise has achieved extraordinary success, with proven experience and efficiency in the production and distribution of conventional and organic raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. The company has developed strategic alliances with global geneticists, which allow it to offer, with a high level of service, berries to consumers in more than 20 countries around the world.

Agrovision is a leading company, vertically integrated in the production and marketing of fruits and vegetables. The company operates from production, logistics to marketing in the three main markets: Asia, North America and Europe.

The company has been recognized for its strong environmental commitment, being awarded for its continuous work in the conservation and sustainability of natural resources and biodiversity.

Undoubtedly, the commercial union of these two renowned companies will have a great impact on the North American market and the industry in general, and will be an undeniable benefit for consumers.

Martin Carrillo O.- Blueberries Consulting

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