The varietal offer and competitiveness strategies will be reviewed at the International Blueberries Peru 2023 Seminar

Trade union representatives and professionals with a recognized track record will present the results of the season, its challenges and the measures that must be taken to maintain leadership in the sector.

The global industry has faced tough challenges in just a few years. The pandemic and logistical problems have left their lessons in the sector. However, the development of the sector has continued, increasing volumes, continuing varietal replacement, improving product quality, among other trends.

Anticipate challenges

The demands of sustainability, social responsibility, good relationship with the environment, by consumers, and high logistics costs, added to the threat of a possible global recession could affect production, demand and consumption in the future.

This scenario of anticipation and other possible ones will be analyzed during the International Seminar Blueberries Peru 2023, which will take place on March 08 and 09 at the LCC Convention Center, Lima.

Industry status and outlook

At the meeting, Fernando Cilloniz, Peruvian businessman and politician, Luis Miguel Vegas, general manager of the Association of Producers and Exporters of Blueberries of Peru (Proarándanos), and Ricardo Polis, regional director of Fall Creek in South America, will focus on review the main challenges that Peruvian producers will face.

Fernando Cilloniz's talk will kick off the event and will address Peru's leadership in the global blueberry industry. Then, Luis Miguel Vegas, with the talk entitled "Report on the Peruvian blueberry industry", will review the main market trends, the relationship with communities and the environment and the demand trend for blueberries, in addition to the different variables that drive the growth of the sector.

The information provided by Proarádanos will be complemented by a talk by Ricardo Polis, who will present on the "Challenges to be faced in the Peruvian and global blueberry industry." His commercial experience evaluating the world berry market in Fall Creek, he credits for delivering an analysis of the possible scenarios that producers in Peru will face and the ways or alternatives to overcome difficulties.

Genetic offer

Due to the important growth of the plant genetic improvement industry, there are many varieties of blueberries available, in different types of programs and with different qualities for Peruvian producers.

That is why at the International Blueberry Seminar to be held in March, renowned professionals and representatives of the main genetic programs available in the country have gathered in a group to learn more and compare the options.

Julio Zavala, Commercial Manager of Peru, Colombia and Ecuador at Fall Creek, Ricardo Sumar, Manager of the Genetics Business Unit at Inka's Berries, María Pérez, Plant Breeding Manager, Blueberries & Global Blueberry Advisor at Planasa, Lucía Corbetto, founding partner of Osiris Plant Management, the company representing IQ Berries, in addition to Patricio Muñoz, leader of the genetic program at the University of Florida, will be the ones who will present the characteristics of their varieties, the behavior in different producing areas of Peru and the format under which they are marketed.

taking care of the brand

Peru is globally recognized for its mostly consistent good quality exported blueberries. However, productive operations are not exempt from opportunities to improve.

The same current political crisis that the country is experiencing poses a challenge for producers who want to send their blueberries abroad, after the blockade of the main transportation routes in the southern part of the country.

In order to know the current state of the arrivals of the Peruvian fruit and to help overcome the logistical difficulties with the least possible impact on the commercialization of the fruit, there will be two experts who will give lectures on the matter.

Arrival and logistics

Ignacio Santibañez, General Manager Latam & Europe of Qima Produce, will give the talk "Analysis of arrivals of Peruvian fruit to different markets", reporting on the main problems that the fruits presented on arrival at their final destination, their causes and their commercial effects . For his part, José Monasterio, will give the talk: "The importance of transport logistics from origin to destination: Containers and chamber ships".

El International Seminar Blueberries Peru 2023 It will be held on March 08 and 09 at the LCC Convention Center in Lima, being the first meeting of the union after the peak of the 2022/2023 season.

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