Postharvest is decisive ...

It is very possible that we will have a very good harvest, more productive, with larger sizes and a better flavor, but if we arrive with soft fruit at the destination markets, our season will be a failure.

In the words of agronomist Paula del Valle, “postharvest corresponds to the set of stages from when the fruit is extracted from the plant until it reaches the final consumer in the supermarket, in the retail or destination, wherever in the world. It is also the moment when the plant begins to be thirsty, because obviously that fruit, when I extract it from the plant, no longer has a connection that injects life into it, that injects it with water, that injects nutrients, so that fruit he begins to die from that moment on ”.

Slow down is the mission

The various techniques and technologies applied in postharvest aim to slow down this process of fruit degradation, either by taking precautions with a new genetics to ensure a better condition and quality of the fruit, or by adopting new approaches in nutrition, pruning or harvest, or applying packaging, cold and transport technologies that allow lowering the respiration rates of the fruit and contribute to the fruit dying more slowly.

"Walk the orchard"

Each and every one of them, along with many other actions, allow us to reach distant destination markets with good quality fruit and in optimal condition, the important thing is to be informed and kept up-to-date regarding new research, updated techniques, and the best technologies, or the most appropriate for the garden in particular, because, again to paraphrase Paula del Valle, “we have to learn to know our plants because they do not behave the same, we must observe and walk the garden. You have to get to know the garden first, because experience does not replace it at all.

A determining issue

The post-harvest stage is decisive for the commercial result of the export fruit industry, because it is very possible that we will have a very good harvest, more productive, with larger sizes and a better flavor, but if we arrive with soft fruit on the markets destiny will be a failure our season.

The subject is very broad and full of various factors, so it will be treated in depth in the "International Blueberry Month 2021", by five relevant and recognized experts in the field, who will address the issue of blueberry postharvest from different disciplines and facets that influence the final result of extending the life of the fruit on its journey to its destination.

New technologies, genetics, handling, packaging and everything that corresponds to obtaining better quality and condition of the fruit is scheduled to be analyzed in the days of the Tuesday August 10, with talks by Bruno Defilippi, Claudia Moggia and Jéssica Rodríguez, and continuing on Thursday the 12th, with presentations and research by Reinaldo Campos and Paula del Valle Escalona.

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