The reality of the Moroccan blueberry industry will be present in Guadalajara

In many aspects, the Moroccan industry of berries and the Mexican industry are assimilated, since Morocco, like Mexico, has a high technical and professional quality of its human resources, maintains a good availability of water and, above all, they have a close proximity to its main market, Europe in the Moroccan case and the US in the Mexican case.

Morocco is gradually beginning to present itself as a future producing and exporting power in the global blueberry industry. Year after year it advances in its development, incorporating more producers and extending its cultivation area, in addition to the use of new technologies and modern management systems.

Amine bennani, President of the Moroccan Association of Producers of Red Fruits (Ampfr) is a well-known interlocutor for the international blueberry industry and will be present at the XXVI International Blueberry Seminar what will be done this May 31 and June 1 in the Hard Rock Hotel in Guadalajara.

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Amine bennani will expound on "The importance of Morocco as a supplier of blueberries in the world: current status and projections", in which he will share with those attending the meeting the advances and challenges of an industry that is rapidly spreading throughout the different areas of Morocco and that already exceeds 4.000 hectares of planted area and that is gradually increasing in a range that oscillates between 200 ha and 400 ha each year with new productive projects.

Morocco, due to its location in North Africa, has different types of climate, with a Mediterranean environment perceived in the north of the country and a little further south the thermal sensation is hotter. The minimums are between 5 ºC and 15 ºC, depending on the area.

The northern part of the country is rainier and water is available in almost all areas of the country. In desert areas, or where there is a lack of water, there are desalination systems available to producers.

Crops are all protected by 50% mesh in summer and plastic in winter and they do not have as much radiation problem in the country. The production areas are two main. The north, which corresponds to crops in soil, with direct planting, and in the south, which has 35% of the total crops and which are produced in pots, with hydroponic systems and technical irrigation.

"In the installation of the soil we introduce substrate to correct the pH of the soil," says Amine.

Morocco and Mexico

In many aspects, the Moroccan industry of berries and the Mexican industry are assimilated, since Morocco, like Mexico, has the advantage for the production of blueberries the technical and professional quality of its human resources, from the workforce in harvesting to managerial or agricultural management functions. To this we must add the availability of water and the proximity to the European market, "since in 3 or 4 days we can place our fruit in any European destination." Identical situation to the proximity to the US market that Mexico has.

The president of Moroccan producers points out that blueberries can be produced in his country for 10 months of the year. “In areas where there is no cold, we produce from September to April – May. We produce on the plain and in areas close to the sea, where there are not many cold hours. The idea is to produce from April to August-September and thus be able to have production throughout the year”.

A complete program

The program XXVI International Blueberry Seminar It is very complete and focused directly on the needs of Mexican producers. In addition to the presence of Amine bennani and his report on the Moroccan industry, an interesting Round Table is being contemplated where Mexican leaders will analyze the present and future of the industry.

At the Guadalajara meeting, which includes two days, the profitability of the industry will be addressed in detail, the wide range of new existing plant genetics, the different aspects and factors of the new hydroponic management systems, the proper management of pests and diseases, the nutritional aspects of the crop and the good use of biostimulants, among many other relevant topics for the production of blueberries in Mexico.

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Then the international meeting of the blueberry industry will move to Morocco in September, on the occasion of the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar to be held 13 and September 14 in the dependencies of the Conference and Meeting Center, from the city of Agadir.

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