The reality and future of the Peruvian blueberry will also be addressed at BERRIES & CHERRIES on April 11 in Monticello

In the XXX International Berries & Cherries Seminar on April 11 The main challenges and opportunities of the blueberry and cherry industries will be addressed, two Chilean industries with a different reality and different projections, although both successful in the world market.

The program is extensive, varied and segmented for each room where topics directly related to each industry will be discussed, although there are topics of common interest that will also be addressed, especially those related to commercial opportunities, crop diversification and supply. genetics.

The main leaders of each industry will participate in the meeting, who together with prominent speakers will focus on clarifying the doubts of the different actors or players regarding the future of the sector, the opportunities that are opening up and improving the profitability of the business.

Blueberry Industry Panel

In the case of blueberry, after lunch there will be a conversation panel on the “State of the global industry and projections of the international blueberry market”, in which they will participate Andres Armstrong, Director of Chilean Fruit Blueberry Committee, together with Ruy barbosa, president of the Chilean Blueberry CommitteeMr. will also participate Ricardo Polís, South America regional director of Fall Creek Farm & Nursery, Inc., who will give us the possibility of knowing, from the perspective and diagnosis of an expert, the real scope of the complex Peruvian season, and the magnitude and repercussions of the climate crisis that it had to face.

Scope of the Peruvian crisis

It is very important to know about the Peruvian experience, because the unpredictability or surprise of the current climate behavior is a variable that must be considered in any future planning, taking the respective precautions, and monitoring the environmental, climatic and meteorological factor permanently.

From the Peruvian situation we must also rescue the role that the new varieties of blueberries played, to face extreme and stressful climatic situations for the crops, showing a very different behavior from the traditional varieties.

On the other hand, the multiple efforts and responses of Peruvian producers to the climate challenge can turn this crisis into an opportunity, a development crisis for the Peruvian industry, and it would not be surprising if they quickly replenish their large volumes in the markets and this time with fruit of the highest quality, capturing consumer preferences, enjoying good economic returns, and consolidating a successful and competitive industry.

cherry industry

The program is extensive and there are many topics that arise from each topic, so the question and answer spaces at the end of each block will be essential to clarify doubts and gather more information on each topic of interest.

In the case of the cherry industry, as in the blueberry industry, not only will commercial issues be discussed, such as seasonal results or market behavior and future opportunities, but also the genetic offer, appropriate agronomic management. , plants and their physiological well-being, yields, precocity, and in general the aspects that most affect productive and commercial results.

Wide thematic offer

The head of R&D Giddings Cerasus, Catalina Möller, will speak on “New varieties of cherry trees, current status, commercial analysis and projections”; the PUC engineer and consultant specializing in cherry trees, walter masman, will make a “Analysis and learning from the 2023 cherry season”; and the person in charge of the National Center for Bioinputs and researcher at INIA, Lorraine Barra, will speak about “Use of microorganisms in cherry trees: biostimulation and phytosanitary strategies”, among other speakers and themes.

Starting the day, the executive director of the Chile Fruit Cherry Committee, Claudia Soler, will speak about “Chinese Market: New challenges and strategies", a topic that will complement the intervention of the president of Decofrut, Manuel Jose Alcaino, who will open the presentations at the cherry industry show with a “Analysis of cherry season results and projections".

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