The Concordia Salto region could host the 2016 International Blueberry Congress

After participating in the fair, the entrerrianas companies Blueberries and Delta Berries, qualified the mission of "successful and prolific", Both in terms of generating contacts, incorporating new knowledge and potential to add new customers.

Part of the Argentine contingent that participated in the Fruit Logística Berlin 2015 received various government support, among which the Federal Council of Investments (CFI) stood out.

Hugo Perdomo, partner of Delta Berries, said they had a "concrete experience with customers"And assured that they achieved"specific objectives". "Last year we added a customer in Europe continent thanks to this mission, and that same client this year recommended us a distributor that supplies them with dried fruits because we are starting to introduce pecan nuts in Europe, because in our area there is incipient production, which a few years will have important production"He explained.

Nicolás Tritiak, general manager of Blueberries, indicated that "for the date in which the fair is held (60 days after the end of our season), it is also ideal to meet with all the clients with whom we have worked, take stock of the latest campaign, analyze the problems that could happen and plan for improvement, and finally start to sketch an idea about the coming season".

Tritiak also pointed out that at the fair "you can see the latest innovations in selection and packaging machinery, subjects that are required to keep up to date and be able to keep up with the world's leading producers, both in terms of quality and efficiency and competitiveness".

The companies that participated this year in the CFI mission, also learned about the operation of seven supermarket chains in Berlin, and participated in activities that the Board previews the fair, and that allow knowing the market of the product.

Candidate for the International Congress venue

In the context of the German fair, there was also the possibility that Argentina and Uruguay (Concordia and Salto) will host the next International Congress of the International Blueberry Organization (IBO), which will take place in 2016 and for which the city of citrus disputes square with China.

Tritiak, who attended the board meeting of the IBO in Germany with Marcelo Zanchetti (Berries del Plata), Gabriel Wasserman (Gramm) and Nicolás Tretiak (Blueberries), said: "It was presented jointly to Argentina and Uruguay (Concordia / Salto) as candidates to host the next congress, but China is also requesting that it be done there. The most probable thing is that it is put to vote of the partners and if we are not headquarters in 2016, surely we will be in 2017".

Argentina participates in the IBO through the Argentine Blueberries Comitee (ABC), an entity that brings together producers from all over the country, including APAMA.



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