Profitability is the great challenge for blueberry producers

The issue of profitability is of great interest to producers in all countries of the world, so at the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar that will be held this September 13 and 14 in the city of Agadir, Morocco, this issue will be discussed. in deep.

The large production volumes that have caused falls in prices; the high demands of consumers; the increase in the cost of inputs and transportation; the remoteness of the main markets; the sustainability prerogatives of the activity; the impact of climate change and meteorological phenomena; and of course, the returns; among other variables, they are factors that impact the profitability of blueberry production.

Profitability is the result of investment management, so it should not be confused with profit, since they are different terms. Utility is the value of the profit obtained by the investment in a period of time, profitability is an indicator of the management and effectiveness of said investment.

A scheduled topic

The issue of profitability is of great interest to producers in all countries of the world, so in the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar what will be done this 13 and September 14 in the city of Agadir, Morocco, This topic will be discussed in depth by Jorge Esquivel, director of Blueberries Consulting, who will give the talk “Profitability analysis of blueberry production.”

The specialist will then participate in the Round Table: “Cultivation challenges and identification of critical points to compete in the markets”, so they will be two moments of great importance to address the main aspects to achieve better profitability of production and to better plan everything related to the production, export and marketing of the fruit.

Modifiable factor

Profitability measures the efficiency of the investment, so it is a variable that can be modified, because although it is measured as a percentage, it is not just numbers, but has high degrees of management and planning, so when modifying behaviors or management, a bad result can be reversed and greater percentages of profitability in the activity can be achieved from now on.

Crop performance is crucial to obtain greater profitability, that is, the proper choice of variety, pest control, proper management, soil preparation or the good choice of substrate, correct plant nutrition and irrigation practices. or timely harvest, are factors that directly affect performance, therefore, profitability.

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Various variables

Of course, the value of the fruit in the market is the most logical factor that influences the profitability of the activity, but market prices can also be managed with good information regarding market trends, market fluctuations. , marketing windows, the volume of the competition's supply and other related data.

Production costs also affect profitability. Land acquisition or leasing, irrigation system, maintenance, labor, infrastructure development, fertilizers and pesticides, adequate budgeting, cost optimization and the use of sustainable agronomic practices can help lower costs. associated costs and result in a profitable production project.

Good administration

All these aspects, added to good management of crises and unforeseen events, whether climatic or otherwise, are essential factors to address, but, above all, it is good administration that best guarantees greater profitability and this must be in line with the updated market demand. Ultimately, it is about strengthening the capacity of producers to maximize efficiency and mitigate risks.

Profitability is a great concern for producers in a market as competitive as that of blueberries and will be a topic that will be addressed in its various aspects and variables in the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar It will be held 13 and September 14 in the halls of Hotel Les Dunes D'or Center De Congrès, in the city of Agadir, Morocco.

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