The Morocco-United Kingdom route is ready to reduce times

The new direct service from Tangier to Poole is expected to ease the UK's disrupted supply chains, in part due to Brexit.

The first ship to sail the new 'Brexit-breaking' route from Morocco is expected to arrive imminently in the British seaside town of Poole, carrying 100 shipments of organic seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The weekly direct service, operated by United Seaways, is expected to help ease Brexit-related delays and supply chain disruptions.

The route shortens travel times between ports to less than three days, half the time it takes by road.

According to the Port of Poole, the route has been planned for more than two years and will "help avoid traffic congestion and post-Brexit import procedures" while significantly reducing emissions.

Capt Brian Murphy, Maritime and Port Director for Poole Harbor Commissioners, said: “The Port of Poole has been working closely with United Seaways to bring this 'Brexit Buster' service up and running. The service will provide a greener and more time efficient option for importers and exporters from both kingdoms and we expect to receive the first shipment from Tangier shortly. "

United Seaways will provide comprehensive logistics services, such as "trucking, door-to-door services, customs clearance and warehousing services for exporters and importers."

It will also change from a Ro-Ro service (roll-on, roll-off) for unaccompanied cargo to a RoPax, for accompanied cargo.

Amine Laghidi has been appointed to the board in charge of strategy, public affairs, maritime and foreign trade. He has reportedly worked on four continents, in both the public and private sectors, holding leadership positions in the maritime sector, international logistics, finance, industry, infrastructure and energy.

Amine is representative of African and Moroccan business associations and president of ASMEX-Rabat, the Moroccan Exporters Association.

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