Agreement USA Mexico Canada perishable seasonal products - weekly update

Situation at US ports continues to slowly but steadily improve

Despite ever-increasing fuel costs due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the resulting ban on Russian imports, including petroleum products, many growing regions reported stable or lower trucking rates this week as carriers reassessed the dramatic price increases implemented last week.

The situation at the nation's ports continues to slowly but steadily improve, with the Port of Los Angeles reporting record cargo volumes for February 2022. The number of ships waiting to unload at the port and the neighboring Port of Long Beach has increased. reduced to a total of 44 from a peak of 109 in January, and record progress is also being made in repositioning empty containers back to Asia.

The movement of Mexican asparagus crossings through Calexico, California and San Luis Arizona, was expected to be about the same. Trading was slow at lower prices again this week. Supplies estimated at up to 75% less than the same period last year, but remain more than adequate to meet current light demand. Sales are highly dependent on advertised retail promotions, with shippers waiting for Easter promotions to move product.

Crossings of Mexican blueberries through Arizona, California and Texas are expected to increase. Early trading was slowly improving to quite active later with higher prices. Quality is reported as a variable. Movement of blueberries out of Central and North Florida is expected to increase as the harvest increases.

Movement of green peppers from Mexico crossing through Nogales, Arizona is expected to decrease slightly. Trading in green was active at higher prices. Demand is good as volumes have decreased and availability for the spot market is limited. Prices are expected to continue rising throughout the week. Quality is reported as generally good.

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