Blueberry figures in the United States market

The parameters of the current season in the United States market show a slightly more stable market, which reacts in a more balanced way to the phenomenon of supply and demand.

The year began with a price reached by blueberries in the United States market as of January 01, 2022 of USD 3,42 and the most important presence on that date was of the fruit sent from Peru, with 3.478.132 pounds, Chile with 2.176.405 and Mexico, with an arrival volume of 1.928.496 pounds.

After this came a significant drop in prices, reaching its lowest point on March 5, 2022, the day when the blueberry was priced at only USD 2,34, mainly affecting the fruit that arrived from Chile, which reached 10.227.902 7.472.762 pounds, that of Mexico, with 3.031.340 and that of Peru, with XNUMX pounds.

highest value

Between the beginning of March and the middle of that month, that is, in just 15 days, an extraordinary value was reached for blueberries in the United States market, reaching USD 4,68 per pound.

Indeed, the highest value was reached on March 19, 2022, mainly benefiting blueberry shipments from Mexico, which placed 7.269.753 pounds that day, from Chile, with 4.380.854, Peru, with 1.792.381, California , with 746.097 and Florida, with 743.873 pounds received in the North American market.

two months down

after this peak In blueberry prices came a downward trend that lasted more than two months, reaching its lowest point on May 14, with a value of USD 2.91 per pound, affecting the fruit received from the Mexican industry, with 6.012.770 .4.698.229 pounds, from Georgia, with 3.213.619, California, with 694.921, Florida with 2021 and the last shipments of the 386.074 season from Peru, with XNUMX pounds received.

Two months up

Two months later, the price of blueberries recovers and reaches a peak of USD 3,57 per pound, favoring shipments from New Jersey, with 4.155.835 pounds, Washington, with 1.031.663, Michigan, with 1.150.490, Oregon, with 996.303, North Carolina, with 684.431, the last shipments of Mexican fruit, with 304.892 pounds and the first shipments of the current season of Peruvian fruit, with 206.639 pounds.

lowest value

The lowest value of the year so far was USD 2,05, reached on August 13, 2022, which affected fruit from Canada, with 10.383.264 pounds, Oregon, with 3.941.625, and Washington, with 3.513.789. 2.860.778, Peru, with 2.101.175 and Michigan, with 2021 pounds. It should be noted, however, that the lowest value of 1,78 was also in August and reached only USD XNUMX.

The last record of USHBC Blueberry regarding shipments received in the United States market, corresponds to last September 24, it indicates that the value reached by the blueberry was USD 3,05, with a clear upward trend, although well below the values ​​reached on the same date in September 2021, which reached figures above USD 5.0.

A more stable year

Values ​​above USD 3.0 reached in the current month have favored the fruit received from the Peruvian industry, which is in full season, with shipments of 14.133.262 pounds, and shipments from Canada, with 2.658.802 pounds, Oregon , with 1.619.765, Washington, with 980.072 and Mexico, with 681.227 pounds.

This 2022 has not reached the peak of 2021 prices in the US market, which rose above USD 5.0 ​​in almost the entire month of April and then in September 2021, although the lows of 2021 have not been suffered either, which reached USD 1,77 during the last week of July and the first week of September 2021.

The parameters of the current season show a slightly more stable market, with less distance between its high and low points, which reacts in a more balanced way to the phenomenon of supply and demand, oscillating between USD 2,05 of 13 of August and USD 4,68 of March 19, 2022 and with a tendency to continue rising towards the end of the year.

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