Morocco's fruit and berry exports reached USD 7.100 billion during the period 2018-2022

Morocco's fruit and berry export earnings have grown significantly reaching $7.100 billion in cumulative volume during 2018-2022, 'East Fruit' reported.

In 2022 alone, the export of fruits and berries totaled $1.7 billion, the media also noted. Moroccan fruits and berries during the same period were available in the markets of 122 countries, with Spain, France, the Netherlands, Russia and the United Kingdom being the main markets. Spain is the largest importer. It represents about 27% of Morocco's total exports in the last five years. However, in 2022, the kingdom was the fourth largest supplier of fruit and berries to Spain with a 15% share of Spain's total imports.

'East Fruit' also highlights that Moroccan export revenue to Spain fell by 23% compared to 2021. Blueberries contribute almost a third of Morocco's total revenue from exports to Spain, which also imports raspberries, avocados, watermelons, strawberries, etc from Morocco.

In 2022, the North African country was the fourth largest exporter of blueberries globally, behind Spain, which ranked third.

Moroccan fruit and berry exports to France reached $1.200 billion in 2018-2022 (17% of total revenue). In 2022, Morocco's share of France's total fruit and berry imports reached 6%, making the North African country the fifth largest supplier of fruit and berries to the European country, with the most active demand for Moroccan watermelons, melons and tangerines. , avocado, raspberries and blueberries.

The Netherlands accounts for 17% of Morocco's total revenue from fruit and berry exports, estimated at $1.200 billion. Despite the encouraging figure, exports to the Netherlands have been falling since 2020. As for exports to Russia, data consulted by East Fruit shows that the trend has been downward.

In the last five years, Morocco's share of the Russian market has more than halved, and exports in 2022 amounted to only half of those in 2018, the media reported.

The plummeting trend placed the kingdom in the 16th position in the ranking of the largest suppliers to Russia.

The UK, on ​​the other hand, emerged as the most attractive market for Moroccan fruit and berry exports during the 2018-2022 period. Morocco's share increased sixfold, exports to the UK increased fivefold and Morocco ranked fifth on the list of the UK's largest fruit and berry suppliers, the outlet notes.

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