GreenSort blueberry lines are not too small even for the largest berry companies

At a time when the area of ​​highbush blueberry plantations is constantly increasing, quality, freshness and good packaging are the basis of a good price. Large quantities of goods lose their importance when we can offer the same goods in small packages at a much better price. This has been discovered by small farmers who already work with compact sorters and automatic weighers. greensort.

Small family farms have long appreciated the Polish manufacturer's solutions: smart sorters, precise 2- and 4-head weighers, calibrators and complete Green Sort sorting and packaging lines are already in operation on 60 farms in Europe. This is an example of AI technologies available on small family farms with an area of ​​5 to 20 hectares. Importantly, the classifier is powered by a patented artificial intelligence system and learns on its own while classifying. These solutions have proven to be perfect in small and medium-sized blueberry plantations, and large producers are joining their supporters. The flexibility, modularity, recalibration speed and functionalities similar to those of large lines, as well as the rapid return on investment of the lines, convince.

While the competition continues to work on software for blueberries, small and medium-sized producers in Europe are already taking advantage of the opportunities offered by AI and the latest vision systems in agriculture for one more season. The question arises whether this is a proven solution. Most of these types of solutions are in operation in Poland, others can be found in Portugal, France, Austria, Italy and Portugal, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Lithuania and Norway. Germany, Italy and France have already ordered the machine for the current season. All over the world, alongside large blueberry plantations, smaller ones are being established. There is plenty of room for both in the blueberry business. The future of the superfruit is guaranteed, so it is worth choosing the quality of the superberry and a compact weigher that offers a variety of possibilities.

Large packaging companies are increasingly demanding small and flexible solutions. It turns out that Green Sort's small and fast blueberry lines are not too small even for the BIGGEST players in the market. We know of situations where large plants have 2 or 3 of these solutions in their packaging rooms, especially when it comes to scales. This has its advantages and, in practice, allows for packages to be made for a wider range of clients and improves financial liquidity. Interestingly, Green Sort lines also operate in several large packaging campaigns alongside large-scale lines.

The capacity of this line is 600-800 kg per hour and is completely sufficient to process multi-pallet orders during the day with the help of only 5-7 people. A small additional line allows you to fulfill lucrative orders without the need to re-equip virtually the entire factory for a different type of packaging and without generating production downtime.

Distributors who buy products at large farmers markets and port fruit warehouses have also found that GREEN SORT sorting and weighing machines work very well with imported fruit that is already soft after long-distance transportation. As they highlight, the machines are very precise, easy to keep clean and easy to retrofit.

Greensort starts the blueberry season with new products: a 2- and 4-head weigher with a modified design. Although visually there is no significant difference, the new machine is much faster and more precise than the previous one.

The precise distribution system of the automatic weigher allows weighing to be limited to the weight of one blueberry and preserves the valuable layer in the skin.

Instead of vibrating conveyors, the baler is equipped with conveyor belts. Theoretically it can be said that this solution is very similar to the one already available on the market. However, the solutions used by the competition are based on three-phase motors and current inverters, which means they have a much smaller belt deceleration and acceleration regulation range. The motor used in the new automatic baler has completely different characteristics because it can work with a step-by-step system: the scale, which has only 4 heads, has accelerated 150 kg per hour and its capacity is 800 kg per hour. The weigher is equipped with a universal feeder for pails, pails and agitators. These are solutions adapted to our times.

Anyway…judge for yourself. Green Sort will present its latest automatic weigher at the next fair MacFrut in Remini, Italy.


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