The 2024 projections of the leading industry of the world blueberry market

Luis Miguel Vegas, general manager of Proarándanos, explained that, according to the information collected from the companies, there are at least three different scenarios for the next campaign, crossed mainly by uncertainty and climatic reality.

The expectations that existed for the participation of Luis Miguel Vegas in the XXVII International Blueberry Seminar that has just been inaugurated in the city of Trujillo, due to the fact that the general manager of Proarándanos made a solid presentation, beginning by describing a world context of the blueberry industry and then detailing the projections of the Peruvian industry in different scenarios, a presentation that He delivered many exclusive and interesting data for the attendees.

world stage

The Peruvian executive highlighted that of the 250 hectares planted with blueberries that existed in the world by 2022, 84% was destined for commercial production, currently producing 1.800 tons, of which 70% is destined for fresh fruit and only 30% has been processed, with a world average yield below 10 tons per hectare.

China is the main producer of blueberries in the world in general, although Peru is the world leader in production of fresh fruit.

The increase in production is permanent in the vast majority of the world's regions, achieving a growth of 77% since 2018, although prices have fallen and the increase in costs is close to 20%.

Strategies for success

The analysis of Luis Miguel Vegas, after this framework of the industry at a global level, extended to point out some of the strategies for success that the international industry is adopting, such as boosting demand through promotions; achieve greater efficiency and productivity, raising the yield per hectare; increase quality standards based on new genetics, which is directly linked to the growth in demand; among others.

In short, it is about focusing on the sustainability of the activity, with lower consumption and more efficient use of water, generating more employment and well-being for people and highlighting the healthy properties of the fruit and its benefits for healthy eating, among other notable aspects to increase demand.

The interesting presentation by Luis Miguel Vegas advanced the projections of the global industry for 2025, a scenario in which the world of blueberries is expected to reach 3 million tons, so the strategic objective of the industry is to turn blueberries into the "world's favorite fruit" by 2030.

Peruvian projections

Regarding the projections of the Peruvian industry, the general manager of Proarándanos explained that, according to the information collected from the companies, there are at least three different scenarios for the next campaign, crossed mainly by uncertainty and climatic reality.

In general, there will be delayed volumes in some varieties, so the behavior of the campaign will shift one or two weeks, setting the peak in week 40 and not in week 38, as it was in the previous season.

The most negative forecast projects a decrease in the growth of the productive volumes of the industry and in Peruvian exports. A second prognosis ensures that the volumes of the Peruvian industry will remain almost identical to last season, although displaced by one or two weeks in their peak, and a third prognosis, perhaps the most accurate and expected, is that the growth of the Peruvian industry will continue, although with figures close to only 14% over the previous campaign.

In any case, in three weeks these projections will be adjusted, according to new data provided by the companies and those of the organization itself that leads the Peruvian industry.

“Favorite fruit to 2023”

El XXVII International Seminary of Trujillo began in a very powerful way in regards to the current state of the industry in the world and what is expected of regional industries, making it very clear that the irrefutable trend is to continue growing, continue raising quality standards and collaborate actively in increasing demand, to achieve the goal of making blueberries the "world's favorite fruit" by 2030.

The first of the two days of the meeting in Trujillo continues with the various technical, management and commercial issues that interest the different players in the industry, in a framework of great attendance, as we are used to in Peruvian lands.

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