The first shipment of fresh blueberries from Uruguay arrived in China

The first shipment of fresh blueberries from the Uruguayan town of Salto arrived in China by air; in what became a historical fact for the company Gamorel SA

"The only one that has the technology and infrastructure to meet the requirements and demands of the Asian giant," they said.

Thus, the company based in Salto (Uruguay) managed to enter the demanding Chinese market and position its highest quality blueberries in the Asian market; being the first Uruguayan company to specify this type of foreign trade operations.

"The quality of fruit we are producing and exporting, particularly this year, is what allowed us to send these blueberries to China, one of the most demanding markets in quality," said the president of Gamorel SA, Adolfo Storni, who stressed that "We have opened the doors of the Asian country to Uruguay and we are very proud to have achieved it."

For his part, Natalia Baldassari, who manages the venture said that “there is a great job behind those pallets that went to China. Works ranging from the pruning of a plant to achieve a fruit of 20 to 22 mm; as well as of all the investments in technology that our packaging has in order to make one fruit identical to the other in size, firmness, flavor and bloom (wax that covers the fruit) ”.


The fruit embarked last Saturday from the Montevideo airport to Shanghai through Rossi Cargo, who had the challenging task of taking care of the fruit to the maximum to ensure its quality until arrival. On the other hand, the Chinese company YIDU was the responsible and strategic partner appointed to achieve this joint market opening.

In this regard, Matias Notti, commercial manager of the group stressed that "we know a lot about this company, its owner, and all its work team, so we do not hesitate to face this new challenge with them."

“Today China is a market with great potential for our fruits, but you have to be very consistent in the type of product that is exported. There are many competitors and all are willing to get the best qualifications in each operation. You have to know very well the particularities of the market, produce and export only what they want and how they want it ... you have to be professionals, ”he added.

Gamorel SA is a company located in the town of Salto, north of Uruguay. From the 2006 it is dedicated to the production of quality blueberries for the domestic market and export. Today with its more than 140 hectares of production, a virtually automated packaging in its entire process line and with the best selection technology in the market, we are able to face this kind of challenges.

Storni remarked: “It is not only about what we have, but about what lies ahead. A few months ago we acquired the license of the Australian nursery Mountain Blue Orchards for the production of blueberries of the highest quality; where just varieties like Eureka are preferred in China and we will have them available in our field for them. ”