Chilean blueberries are key to the market

Chile plays a fundamental role in the dynamic panorama of the global blueberry industry. Founded by Chilean blueberry growers, Agroberries, the parent company of Berry Fresh, sees the value that Chilean blueberries bring to the industry by filling a key supply window. In the United States, January and February are important health-focused months, and as a superfood, blueberries have become a key promotional item for grocers to help capitalize on the healthy eating trend. Although domestic blueberries are not seasonal in the country, American consumers expect them to be on the market year-round.

Chile is an invaluable contributor during the winter supply window. Chilean blueberries play a essential role by offering a consistent and reliable supply during the winter months, while Mexico is still moving slowly and the domestic product is still three months away from entering the market. Chilean production ensures that retailers can satisfy consumer preferences and maintain promotable business in the key winter window.

Workers harvesting fresh Chilean blueberries, two people are seen harvesting and some yellow plastic baskets, key for the chile berries blueberry agroberries market

Berry Fresh and Chili

As demand for blueberries remains strong, Agroberries focuses on continually improving its Chilean blueberry offering to better serve the global market. By removing older genetics, the door is opened to newer varieties with exceptional flavor and great quality.

Berry Fresh said it is excited to test high-chill Sekoya blueberry varieties in Chile this 2024 season. “As part of the Sekoya club, we have been able to offer our customers great blueberries from our farms in Oregon, Peru and Mexico. Producing them in Chile makes sense,” he said. Jyoti Bhogal, vice president of sales and marketing – Berry-Fresh

As the global climate continues to change and consumer consumption of blueberries continues to grow, Berry-Fresh focuses on the future of Chile with continued excellence in breeding practices and genetics. Berry Fresh is the North American headquarters of Agroberries, a leading year-round grower, distributor and marketer of premium blueberries, blackberries and raspberries with offices and operations around the world.

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