Chilean blueberries peak in China with record volumes

The Chilean blueberry sales season in China has already entered its peak period from mid-January. With strong export volumes coming from Chile during January, the 2021/22 season in China is expected to continue to heat up during February. According to the Chilean Blueberry Committee of the Chilean Fruit Exporters Association (ASOEX), January 2022 saw a higher weekly average of blueberry exports than all previous seasons.

The peak availability of Chilean blueberries in China coincides with various holidays, including Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day, and both wholesale and retail markets for fresh fruit are quickly moving produce at this time of year. It is the low season for China's domestic blueberry production and Peruvian imports are already declining. This means that Chilean blueberries are moving to the forefront of consumers' tables.

As with several other Chilean fruit products, the Chilean Blueberry Committee carries out an active promotion of blueberries to stimulate consumption in the Chinese market. As part of this campaign, committee representatives have recently been traveling around the country to see the progress of the season, as well as holding events such as seminars at wholesale markets in Qingdao and elsewhere.

This season, the committee has also increased its online promotion efforts for Chilean blueberries in China. This online campaign has included advertisements on major social media and video platforms such as TikTok, NetEase and iQiyi, as well as specialized apps dedicated to topics such as food, parenting, health, entertainment and knowledge sharing. . The goal of the campaign has been to emphasize the fresh and healthy nature of Chilean blueberries while directly driving sales by providing a channel for consumers to purchase Chilean blueberries online through and other e-commerce channels.

According to data from the Chilean Blueberry Committee, up to week 4, Chile had exported a total of 88.822 tons of blueberries to the world this season. China is the fourth largest market for Chilean blueberries and the main export destination in Asia. Until week 4, Chilean exporters sent 6.256 tons of blueberries to China. Since much of this volume is still shipped by sea, it is expected that there will remain ample supply of Chilean blueberries on the market for some time.

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