Chilean blueberries receive Heart Check certification

The Chilean Blueberry Committee is pleased to announce that Chilean blueberries are now certified by the American Heart Association's Heart-Check Food Certification Program.

The iconic Heart-Check brand helps take the guesswork out of reading nutrition facts and label information, giving consumers peace of mind that what they consume meets the nutritional requirements of the American Heart Association.


“We are delighted to receive the Heart-Check certification from the American Heart Association,” says Andres Armstrong, Executive Director of the Chilean Blueberry Committee. "We look forward to communicating this in our Blueberries de Chile consumer and retail promotions, helping people make healthier decisions when thinking about their next purchase or when preparing meals at home."

January and February are the key promotional months for Chilean blueberries, and the Chilean Blueberry Committee is partnering with retailers across the country to boost blueberry sales through digital marketing campaigns that include web banners, coupons and advertisements. Fruits from Chile's extensive social media platforms will also highlight health benefits and usage ideas.

Karen Brux, CEO of the Chilean Fresh Fruit Association BB #: 154283, says the Heart-Check brand will feature prominently throughout this year's Chilean consumer and blueberry marketing programs. “Now more than ever, retailers want to communicate health and nutrition messages to their shoppers. The Heart-Check brand will give consumers another compelling reason to put blueberries in their shopping cart, whether in store or online. "

He added that with more than 700.000 followers on the Fruits from Chile Facebook page, this will also serve as a key channel to reach consumers with heart-healthy messages about Chilean blueberries.

Three out of four consumers say they are more likely to buy Heart-Check brand foods, regardless of age or children in the household.

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