"Peruvian blueberries enter the Chinese market in large volumes"

China's domestic market is gradually recovering from the pandemic. The biggest hurdle for merchants is global distribution. Jiaxing Hi Go Fruit, a subsidiary of Zhuangan Fruit and Vegetables, is one of the specialized importers in the Jiaxing market. Leo Wei, a spokesman for the company, recently spoke about the current conditions in the fruit import market.

The Peruvian avocado season is coming to an end. Looking back on this season, Leo Wei said: “Weather conditions in the production areas and shipping delays greatly reduced the supply volume early in the season in April and May. The price was relatively high, between 160-180 yuan [24,79-27,88 USD] per box. The supply volume was much higher in the second half of the season and, in addition, some of the avocados developed product quality problems such as black spots. The price of high-quality avocados dropped to 70 yuan [10,84 USD] per box. . Now that the season is almost over, with only two to three weeks to go, the supply volume is very small. In previous weeks about 100 containers arrived per week, and now only 30-40 per week. The conditions in the final phase of this season are quite positive «.

Peruvian blueberry season

The end of the avocado season also marks the start of the Peruvian blueberry season. Peruvian blueberry exports to China are expected grow 20% this season. «As for the price, when the popular varieties of blueberries They only entered the market at the beginning of the season, the price opened around 170-180 yuan [26,33-27,88 USD] per box. The price has already dropped to 150 yuan [23,24 USD] per box, but that is still 20-30 yuan [3,10-4,65 USD] per box higher than at this time last year, ”said Leo Wei .

“Compared to the period after the Covid-19 outbreak, current levels of consumption are much higher. The main obstacle for the fruit industry is the transport. These problems with delays and shipping delays could last until next year. And they can influence market conditions later in the season, causing fluctuations and destabilizing the price. When asked about the measures they take, Leo Wei replied: “We distribute our import volume in multiple ports to reduce the risk of all our containers getting stuck in the same port.

Great varieties of fruits

In addition to blueberries and avocados, the company also sells South African oranges. “The wholesale price of summer oranges was around 200 yuan [$ 30,98] per box in the last two weeks. More recently, the price dropped to around 180 yuan [$ 27,88] per box. General conditions exceed expectations and are likely to remain strong until domestic oranges enter the market in October.

There are many companies of import and export in the Chinese fruit market. When asked about the competitive advantage of Jiaxing Hi Go Fruit, Leo Wei explained, “We have provided supply chain services for fruit outsourcing and retailing since 2005. We own the largest fruit distribution center in Jiaxing Market. with a storage space that covers an area of ​​17,000 square meters. We can simultaneously store more than 300 containers shipping. In addition, we have distribution and transshipment centers in the 6 largest cities in China. Through these centers we provide highly efficient supply chain services for the transshipment and direct delivery of fruit products. «

«The main difference with other traditional fruit importers and exporters is our base in the retail sale of fruits, instead of wholesalers. We provide supply chain services from direct purchasing in the areas of production, packaging and processing, warehousing and distribution, to wholesalers and retailers. work hard for the integrated management of the supply chain and strive to offer comprehensive services from the garden to the consumer, "said Leo Wei.

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