Peruvian blueberries and mangoes are in the process of entering six new markets each

The Peruvian agro-export sector works with the support of the National Agricultural Health Service (Senasa) in carrying out phytosanitary adaptation processes to gain access to new markets for several of its star agro-export products.


According to the Association of Associations of Agricultural Producers of Peru (AGAP), another product that aims to enter more markets is the blueberry, which, after having entered Malaysia and India in 2021, is in the process of being adapted to export to other countries. South Africa, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Also, Peruvian blueberries are very close to entering the Israeli market for the first time. Israel is already carrying out a phytosanitary review process to mitigate the risk of pests, since SENASA sent a proposal for mitigation measures to the Israeli authorities.

Currently, one of the biggest destinations for blueberries is Holland, from where they are distributed to the rest of Europe. However, according to Gabriel Amaro, executive director of AGAP, prices have dropped in these markets because there is an oversupply of this and other Peruvian fruits, which reduces the profitability of producers.


Mango is one of the products with the most opportunities and the country is working so that it can enter Argentina, Iran, Malaysia, Morocco, South Africa and Taiwan.

Currently, the largest markets for this fruit are the Netherlands, the United States, South Korea, Spain, the United Kingdom and Russia. However, according to the latest Fresh Fruit Report, the 2021-2022 mango campaign, although improving, is still below pre-pandemic levels.

Other products

In addition, according to AGAP, the Hass avocado is in the process of entering Malaysia, the Philippines and Colombia.

In addition, the country is working so that grapes, asparagus, citrus, ginger and pitahaya have access to a total of 18 new destinations soon.

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